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More along that line

Continuing the get away from it all and knit in peace theme, let’s look at hotels in Kelowna. I googled Kelowna, see. And it is close to the coast. Now, I love the cost. I love it almost as much as I love yarn. So maybe I need to re-evaluate sneaking off to Canada in the winter, and look at spring or fall instead, so I can sit on the beach and knit. Under an umbrella so the sand doesn’t get in my eyes.

How meditative would that be? The rhythm of the stitches and the rhythm of the ocean waves. It would be incredibly easy to wander around in my own head for hours, picking things up, dusting them off, studying them a bit and putting them back down. I could get to know my own head again PLUS have knitted goodies to show for my time. Sometimes, I forget to do that, and I find myself missing me. In fact, sometimes I choose to do that because I am not wanting to hear what I am really thinking, and that is less than healthy, right?
I should be better to me than that.

Yeah, ok. That puts me on a tangent. I swear, sometimes I don’t know where I am going until I see where the words lead. These words are clearly telling me that it is time to reconnect with myself. So, where *exactly* did I put my journal? And where are my meditation beads? I clearly have some work to do that is more important than knitting.

Oh Canada!

You know, I am thinking I should go to Canada. First, the political climate suits me better. That’s becoming pretty darn important. People here in my neck of the woods seem to have gone completely crazy.

Second, if I wait until winter I can take this box of unfinished woolen knitting projects and finish them all up, because my hands won’t sweat causing the yarn to become all icky and stick to the needles.

Third, I can check out Canada hotels, and I like hotels because people there will clean up after me and bring me food when I want it and I never actually have to leave the room. Unless I need more yarn. Or some stitch markers. I definitely won’t need any more needles, because they are already tied up IN the projects. Plus, turned down beds and mints on the pillow.

Fourth, when I got back home, I’d have all my needles free again, so I could *drumroll, please* start more projects. But maybe not in wool, which is fun to wear 3 months of the year, but not really pleasant to knit on the other nine.

Fifth, the Yarn Harlot lives there, and who doesn’t want to meet her? And while it is unlikely that I would actually meet her, since I don’t know anyone who knows her, I could at least be breathing in the same country she breathes in. Oops, that part sounds a bit stalkerish, doesn’t it?

Sixth, I’d be somewhere else. I like that. You know, for a while. I also like to come home. Which brings me to

Seventh, eventually I’d get to come home, which is also quite pleasant.