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Something Different

So, I had one knitting basket and 48 knitting projects. And I had no mending basket. So I did a something.

It’s not a traditional mending basket. It holds a few knitting tools, batteries, crazy glue. The little stuff that constantly gets misplaced. I am…um…missing my thread holder, but it will go in here, too, when I find it. The only thing it lacks is adjustable handles and I am okay with that. Now to tackle that huge pile of mending!


What do you knitters think of knitting clothes for pets? Not so much sportdog training collars. but the fluffy little sweaters and such? I’ve looked at a few pattern books, but I just can’t wrap my mind around the concept. I get spending money on good yarn to make people clothes, because they know the love that goes in. But pet clothes? What’s the pay-off there?


Well Then

Looks like I am taking the summer off to write and clean. And yes, there will be knitting and crocheting, though there won’t be any hosa cables. I’m working on my Virginia socks right now. Then my cousin’s cat scarf. Then I need to decide whether to work on Carrigan or the Suzie Hoodie. Probably the Carrigan, it just needs half a sleeve and a collar. And then there is Hocks. And I will be starting a travel shawl as well. What do you mean, “in my free time?”