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Not as sore as I thought I would be!

So yesterday, being full of stress and emotion, I re-arranged my room, including the solid wood hutch and dresser. Which I didn’t bother to unload. I expected to need a thera band workout to get teh kinks out this morning, but I didn’t. And I absolutely LOVE what I did in there. I will be tweaking it over the next couple of weeks, I am sure, but still, I love it.

Who’s knitting?

Me! I’m not making any custom military shirts, but I am working on a relatively simple scarf. Garter stick sides and end, stockinette in the middle. It was pretty straightforward until the dog chewed up my ball of yarn. Sigh! Who told him he was a cat? At least he didn’t eat the bamboo needles. Or chew the cord. Just made my one ball of yarn into ten or so.

Lookie this

Check this out: exciting moog slim phatty at Musicians friend. Now, why am I telling you bout it? I threw my old electric keyboard out a couple of weeks ago. :( The th8ing just would not turn on. I had let it sit in th corner for a year or so, hoping that it would heal itself. I finally gathered every power adapter I had in the house, tested it on all of them, and made the pronouncement. I really enjoyed that thing when I made time to play it.

New yarn storage

So, I cleaned my room. I went through all my craft stuff. I put all my yarn in a storage bench. And folks, if I want to move that mess again, I will have to find vehicle lifts, because it is a lot of heavy stuff. I need to get crafting. The good news is that this semester is almost over, and soon I will be able to do just that. And cook. And clean. And breathe. Breathing is good.