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Will you look at this?

This was a 200 yard ball of sockweight that I left on the couch while I went into my room. Apparently, my dog likes yarn. I;m counting my blessing that 1) I had a second ball. 2) He didn’t eat the needles or the scarf that’s on them. But dang, that was a mess! And I had to throw too much of it out. Perhaps I can interest him in a hobby besides knitting. Maybe some cigars information…I hear you don’t need opposable thumbs for that!

Been a long time

Wow, seems like I disappeared when summer session started and just forgot to come back! I’m closing in on the end of fall semester and finally feel like I can catch my breath. I may be in error, since I have about 5 projects due next week. Regardless, I cast on a scarf last night, and I knit on it while watching Bones. Yes, I know Bones wasn’t on last night, but I can hook up the computer to the tv with my HDMI cable and watch whenever. Which is awesome, because I hate live tv. Except for election night and the Super Bowl.

So, how are things with you guys? What have you watched lately? I mean knit! What have you KNIT lately?