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Heat Frustration

So, it’s too hot to knit. It’s too hot to go dig my beads out of the shed. And my dog isn’t here to play with me. What’s a girl to do? That’s right, SHOP! So, this morning, I have been checking out the Personal Creation store. I don’t think I am too old for a personalized backpack set, am I? I could use it for a knitting bag, and put my needles in the pencil case. And everyone needs a cute lunchbox, right? I want the little mint green one with butterflies on it!

One Month Off

Starting Friday afternoon, after cramming TWELVE credit hours into 9 weeks, I will have a month off of school. No, I do not plan to spend it with a massage therapy program online. I plan to do some reading, and some writing and some crafting. I haven’t quite made up my mind what kind of crafting to do, because I don’t know yet if I will be traveling or not.

Lots of possibilities, though: needlepoint, beading, cross-stitching. Anything but knitting, LOL. We can talk about that again in September!

So Knitters

Tell me which you would rather discuss: cables or sd memory cards. That’s what I thought! And I absolutely love that each of the twenty-eight cables on this page has a chart AND printed directions. I don’t know about you, but I still need both, at least for now!

In other crafty news, I miss my beads. I think I have mentioned that it is just too hot to knit, but I am thinking I about purchasing a large tackle box to sort beads into. That way I can have some inside to work with. Right now, they are all out in the storage shed, and it’s very difficult to make pretty things when they are out there, and I am in here socking up the ac.

What I have and have not been doing

It’s late Ju,y in the south. No, I haven’t been knitting. The good news is, I also haven’t been checking out medicare supplement plans, because I am not quite that decrepit yet. What I have been doing is reading (inside where it’s cool) and fishing (outside where it’s hot, but also while reading so I don’t notice) and petting My Awesome Boyfriend (inside and outside, but not while reading. He is such a dream. Hazel eyes, hairy body, and four, count them, FOUR legs. He gave me kisses and a present on the first date! See, Awesome Boyfriend!