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On Gloves and Such

Ok, I’ll admit this: I have never knitted a pair pf gloves. No dress gloves, no work gloves, nothing with fingers. Also, no toe socks. I have done mittens, and enjoyed that, because I made my own pattern, and it was fun working out the details of it. I’ve also crocheted mittens, for the record. But gloves, when I can buy them on sale for a buck a pair? I just can’t see it. I don’t want to mess with knitting the fingers. I’m a lazy, lazt knitter, I guess.

I found a hole!

So, I said I had a lot to do in the house, right? One of those tasks was the matching of all the stray socks we accumulated over the past however long. And in the sock basket, I found the socks I made for Stuntman back in the day. And people, there is a HOLE in one of them. Which leads to a question. I plan to mend the hole, because I have roughly 30 hours invested in the socks, and another 20 minutes won’t make or break me. But what do you do when your handknit socks spring a leak? Repair or trash? And do you repair them, ASAP, if you do, or wander around doing other things, reading acne treatments reviews while you contemplate the fact that someone actually wore a pair of your knitted socks out?

Whatever, I think I now know what to make for my kids. They throw hats on the ground, even if they have asked for them. Socks get used. Hmmmmm. Yeah, no brainer!

Well, Hello Blogland

So, here I am again. I had a good excuse for my absence this time: I wrote a freaking book! Yay me. I am so excited, because that’s been something on my to-do list for quite awhile. Much more exciting that researching Medicare plans, in my opinion. I’ve still got quite a bit of work to do on it, of course. Since I wrote most of it long hand, I have to type it up on the computer and take it through about 6 more drafts, but yeah, I wrote a book.

Today, I am looking at a mountain of back-upped work, both online and inhouse. And also, I need to do something about this hair.

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