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Today’s Plan

Today, I have a plan, and it includes a little knitting. I wanted needed to do quite a bit of housework, and some blogging and then I planned to hang out with the kids and knit while we watched a movie or something. I’m about half way through the housework I meant to do, and likewise half way through the blogging. A few more mundane things like sorting the games and dealing with car insurance and I can get on to the fun stuff.

Now, is it going to be the Clapotis? Or Hocks?

Camping Addendum

Did you guys know that sometimes I can’t sleep? It’s not every night (anymore), but sometimes my mind gets racing and I just can’t settle down to rest. You won’t find any sleeping pills here, because I don’t feel safe sleeping a chemically induced sleep with kids in the house, so I usually use some conscious relaxation techniques when it happens these days.

What makes this camping related was that I didn’t sleep well this past weekend. The forest is NOT quiet at night. And the sounds are different than I am used to. And also, I was sharing a tent with four other people. It was a large tent, but still. That’s a lot of snuffling and tossing and blanket re-arranging and such. And I still can’t wait to go again. But I want to rest up first, because last night?? I also didn’t sleep, even at home, alone in my room, in the quiet.

No Notes Needed

So, I went camping this past weekend. I won’t be getting any thank you cards for the knitting I did, mostly because I didn’t do any. I took it, sock yarn, needle, pattern on an index card, all in a pocket on my ruck. I also took a book.

Instead of knitting and reading, though, I cooked when I was hungry and slept when I was tired. And I spent a lot of time looking into a fire and thinking thoughts, sorting things out. It was the most fun I have had in months.

Can you feel it?

I don’t know how it feels where you are, but it’s definitely cooler in the mornings here. My kids are ready for long-sleeved school uniforms, and we have a jacket scramble every morning. And for me, that means I am thinking about finally finishing all those sweaters I have on the needles. Mostly the one in Dublin Tweed for me, lol. It’s okay to be selfish, right? Especially since the sweater in question has been sitting so long that I will have to search my own archives to figure out which pattern I was following. I know I have the front and back finished, so it only needs the sewing plus collar and sleeves. Easy peasy, right? Yep, if I can find the pattern.

I probably won’t get to that today. I’m going camping this weekend, so I need to get ready for that. It will be the last time I can take the kids out until next spring, though I may go myself between now and then. And, no, I don’t take sweater knitting when I go camping. It’s too big. I take socks or hats instead, but I may just take a book instead this time. We’ll see.

Guest Post: Little Mermaid on Halloween

Guest post written by Renee Bilworth

When it comes to Disney princesses I think that my favorite has to be the mermaid Ariel. She’s just so spunky and independent. Plus, she’s a princess of the sea, which me and my kids always thought was so much better than being a princess on land. Even if she does get legs eventually. So one of my daughters this year is going to dress up like her for Halloween.

I’ve been on the look out for a good Ariel costume for a few weeks now. That’s how I came across and decided to switch over our internet service to it. But after all that trouble I didn’t have much luck finding something I just wanted to buy, so I’m going to be creative and make one instead.

I came up with an idea to make up an even better mermaid tail and found a pattern that I thought would work for it. Then I’m going to make some really pretty holographic and sparkly scales. I think it will be better and I can make sure that it fits her perfectly.


I’m not as think as I dumb I am. I didn’t do a thing to the blog this morning, and behold! there they are, looking like they ought to. I guess my problem lies in not understanding how to do a hard refresh. Though I really thought I understood how that’s done. Oh well. There it is at any rate.

And also, there goes my furnace firing off. I’m glad because it’s cold in here. I may not need 5th wheel insurance, but I do need heat. Although, laying under a blanket snuggling with a book was kinda nice, too. Reckon I’ll have to get up and pretend to do something useful now. Or maybe not. 😉

Pardon My Dust

I’m sorta remodeling. I am trying to do some stuff in the side by with coding, and I should have just installed a plugin. Plugins I understand, but coding for me is like trying to find an over the counter diet pill that works. You know how you just keep trying until you hit the magic? That’s me and code. I just keep trying until it works. Except that tonight, I am past tired, and I have a headache, and I am calling it done. I’ll try to fix it tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m sorry for the mess.

Like Wikipedia, but for shopping!

So, tell me, in the past 60 days, how many times have you gone to Wikipedia for information on a topic? Seems to me I am there at least once a week looking up something! Well, today I found a site called Shopwiki, and I thought, if you drool over knitting and crocheting supplies like I do, you might be interested in a place that had info and products. The yarn page has some basic information on yarn types and gauges, and then from there you can search for whatever appeals to you. You know that I looked for sock yarn, right?

They have lots of other craft pages too, each set up the same way. And if you feel compelled to buy non-crafty stuff (for your family members perhaps) they also have mens and ladies clothes, stuff for babies and other such ordinary stuff. Now, please excuse me, because having raved about the yarn stuff and mentioned the clothes stuff, I now need to drool over the beading and candlemaking stuff.

You know, this could be a very dangerous thing for me, right? Especially since the last time I posted, it was about buying art supplies. Yeah.

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