sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Well, yeah, I have made stuff

Which, as you probably know, is considerably different than being ale to locate the pictures of said stuff I have made. Sigh. But I have them, somewhere. And I will find them, sometime. Perhaps after I take a few Online Classes in time and personal management, ya think?

Right now, I am working on a hat. It’s in the nature of a prayer shawl, this hat, but it’s for a man and men don’t wear shawls and I am fairly certain this man would look at me as if I had two heads if I were to present him with a scarf. Besides which, the hat will appear relatively mundane, since all the other members of his family have one already, and we won’t have to admit what it’s really for. Do you guys ever do that? Knit for people out of one motivation, but pretend it’s a different one or no real reason at all? And what is it that compels us to pick up the needles when stressed or upset? Are we trying to make happy out of unhappy or only to soothe our own scattered nerves?

Wow, ok. Not even going to try to answer that one today. But it bears thinking about, doesn’t it? Especially since I always call knitting under those circumstances “making love with my hands”. Hmmm.

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