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Early to Bed and Early to Rise

Has me doing more than looking for the best eye cream. I’m finding I have a lot more time for knitting, too! Well, the early part and the staying off Facebook part. As I am sure you know, school has started and parents everywhere, me included, are up at the buttcrack of dawn to get the children on the bus. And then we do other stuff, like clean. And knit. I’ve finished 4 hats since the last one I posted. Go me!

2010 08 15 17.04.29
This one went to Country, who was not it’s original intended recipient, but it was declared too girly for a man, and she liked it.

2010 08 29 11.53.03
This one went to That One’s dad, for a “wear it in good health” type gift.

2010 08 29 18.19.36
This one is going to That One’s sister, and now the whole fam will have hats.

2010 08 30 19.12.27
And this one is That One’s.

Now I have moved on to finishing the pink Clapotis, and then…..who knows! I’ll admit that I am a wee bit tired of hats. At least for a bit.

Well, yeah, I have made stuff

Which, as you probably know, is considerably different than being ale to locate the pictures of said stuff I have made. Sigh. But I have them, somewhere. And I will find them, sometime. Perhaps after I take a few Online Classes in time and personal management, ya think?

Right now, I am working on a hat. It’s in the nature of a prayer shawl, this hat, but it’s for a man and men don’t wear shawls and I am fairly certain this man would look at me as if I had two heads if I were to present him with a scarf. Besides which, the hat will appear relatively mundane, since all the other members of his family have one already, and we won’t have to admit what it’s really for. Do you guys ever do that? Knit for people out of one motivation, but pretend it’s a different one or no real reason at all? And what is it that compels us to pick up the needles when stressed or upset? Are we trying to make happy out of unhappy or only to soothe our own scattered nerves?

Wow, ok. Not even going to try to answer that one today. But it bears thinking about, doesn’t it? Especially since I always call knitting under those circumstances “making love with my hands”. Hmmm.

Healthy Eating–Meal Delivery Service

So, recently I went to the doctor. Yeah, crazy I know. But I did. And while I was there talking to her about other things, I asked her to redraw for the lab work I had done about 24 months ago. I was not happy to find out that despite a 30 pound weight loss, my cholesterol levels were still elevated. How aggravating is that? Well, if you’re me, pretty darn aggravating!! She advised me to “continue working on my nutrition”. Sigh. Yeah, I will look into how to make my one meal a day more healthy. 😈

Which brings me around to a site I spent some time exploring this evening. Now, it’s a bit of a pamper, really, but Healthy Chef Creations does have some awesome looking food. Food which they prepare from organic sources and then deliver to your door. Yes, I said deliver. As in a meal delivery service. That oughta bring a smile to your face.

Now, if you are used to cooking at home, from standard grocery store fare, you may find the menus a little spendy. Breakfast runs around 10 bucks, lunch will set you back 11 or so and dinner is about 17. That’s about comparable to a midrange restaurant, though, and you don’t have to go out 3 times a day to eat good, organic food. And you get options, lots of them. In fact, they even offer diet food delivery. Just for giggles, I selected a full week of food and calculated the price. I was expecting around $450 or so, for 3 meals a day, plus desserts, but the total for one adult was just $259.95. Not bad, considering the only time I’d have to enter the kitchen would be to heat up already cooked food and grab a soda from the frig. Oops, I maybe shouldn’t mention soda in the same breath as organic food, but you guys know me well enough to know that I’m not giving up coffee, tea or cola anytime soon. Especially since my sugars are fine, LOL!

I mentioned delivery, right? Well, they also use recyclable containers. Organic food delivery in packages that are good for the environment. Nicely done!

Enh. Whatever. I’m Reading.

So, I haven’t been doing very much knitting lately. I’ve been reeeeeeeeading instead. I have once again immersed myself in the Scottish Highlands with Claire and Jamie. Ahhh. Old friends, I have sorely missed you.

I did finish the hat for That One’s mom last week and started the one for his sister. I’ll post them both together when I finish the second one. And I am looking for a fairly simple project to cast on, in smoothish yarn because I have a class to attend on Saturday. I think I will be needing something for my hands to do, but I can’t be using up concentration on funky novelty yarn or complicated stitch patterns. DaBaby has asked for a sweater and since I brought all my yarn in, I may let her pick and start that. She’s small still, so I won’t be needing scales to decide if I have enough yarn for her. There’s plenty left of the stuff I made her hat from this past winter. She’s excited about the prospect of a matching set. I’m excited that she’s excited.