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The Insatiable Hat

Ok, so the weirdest yarn ever has been worked up. Due to a spell check error on That One’s voice recognition software, it has been dubbed The Insatiable Hat. Which is indeed an interesting name for a hat made of little balls on a long string. Here it is:

2010 07 15 19.35.50

The yarn is interesting to work up. Basically you knit 2 stitches, and then hold the next ball in place and then knit two more stitches and so on. It’s not difficult once you get the rhythm of the yarn. The ending is a little tricky on a hat, and heaven help you if you drop stitches, which I had when I was finishing, three of them, and didn’t realize it until I was smoothing it to decide which side was the inside and which the out.

Now you know what I did with my afternoon: knitting and a movie, specifically The Secret of Roan Inish. Did you think I was off writing lipozene reviews??

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