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So, this morning

So, this morning, I knew it was time to put my “back to home” plan in to action. I started by the tabs I have had open in Firefox for over a week. Well, actually, I started by playing Frontierville on facebook, but that is neither here nor there, unless you want to add me as a neighbor, which would be awesome. I also play Farmville, for the record. Anyway! Two of the tabs had to do with freelancing, and two had to do with life lists. And I made one. A life list, I mean. There are some crafty items on it, but since it is not a *mostly* crafty list, I am going to be posting it over on my personal blog. It will be my reward for actually doing the stuff I was supposed to do today, and would have finished hours ago, if I hadn’t gotten side tracked. Several times.

If you haven’t heard of a life list, I recommend you check out the links above to see what I am talking about. After all, it’s like giving yourself one of those personalized gifts, except it’s free. Well, the writing is free, but some of the stuff will likely cost you a penny or eight. But you are worth it, aren’t you?

Back soon with actual knitting.

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