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OhMyGosh—Thigh High Socks

Ok, so I am holding in my hands yet another book. It’s reading night here at Chez Cass Knits, mostly because I promised myself I was going to take care of this stack of backed-up books/pepers/magazines this weekend, and the weekend is winding down and I worked yesterday and tore out my room today and re-arranged it, and here we are on Sunday evening, soon to be Monday morning, and I. Must. Finish. This. Stack. of. Stuff. And, also, I hope those energy vitamins kick in soon. But don’t last too long. I still gotta get up in the morning, ykwim?

But, where was I? Oh yeah, ohmygosh, thigh high socks! This book has a pair of thigh-highs. Now, folks, I hate panty hose. Hate them, hate them, hate them. I only buy them when absolutely necessary, and I wear thigh-highs unless my skirt is absolutely too short for them (in which case I go with tights) or I am going to be dancing (because one near wardrobe malfunction at a formal event is enough for this gal). But the thought of making my own never occurred to me! And why not? I don’t kow, because really you can only find them in black or tan, and they aren’t very sturdy, and ohmygosh THIGH HIGH SOCKS!

Umm, I should probably tell you the name of the book, huh? Well, it’s Toe-Up Socks For Every Body by Wendy Johnson of Wendy Knits. In addition to the THS, there are pretty little socks for Drama, manly socks (including a pair with flames) which I may make for That One when I am tired of making hats for him and have knitted all the socks I want for myself (read that never if you like), kneesocks for Diva. I guess she really meant it when she said every body.

This book will be staying on my bookshelf, along with the other sock books I plan to work my way though. You know, after I …… I dunno. Use up all my fat yarn, maybe? Slog through the tall-as-me pile of reading material I have to read? And the equally tall pile I want to read? Cause I sure haven’t been knitting socks lately, though I really enjoy doing so. Hmmm…..can I trade myself sock knitting for reading? Of course, it hardly seems fair that I can’t knit socks and read at the same time. I can do that with fat yarn. And by fat, I mean anything above fingering weight.

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