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Update on the Clapotis

I am really enjoying this knit. Since I lost the stitch markers in favor of purling the drops, it is really flying. Or at least it is when I actually work on it. I’m just past the 10th drop, and I’m thinking somewhere around 2/3 done, based on the amount of yarn I have used. I have just 40 rows left in the straight section.

Up until now, I have only been knitting on it at the computer, because I haven’t printed the pattern. I do plan to spend less time in front of the computer this weekend, since I will have company, so I guess I better go ahead and print it, right? Since I do want to knit. Quite a bit. Hey, it beats having to sit through Mesothelioma treatment and provides something for my hands to do while I’m watching movies, which is also high on the weekend agenda.


You may or may not have noticed that when my sidebar loads, way down near the bottom is a random image from my photo album. I generally look to see what’s there when I hit the front page of the site, but I usually don’t repost the pic. In fact, I think this may be the first time I have done so. For those who don’t remember, this is my Grandmother, and I made her those socks. I own and wear them now.

The picture is a pleasant one for me, in spite of that fact that I am beastly fat in it. I should post it to weight loss stories, LOL. There’s about 30 pounds or so more of me in that picture. That suit is about a size 16, and I now wear a six. Ok, enough strolling down memory lane, here. The next post will have something to do with knitting or crafting of some sort that isn’t all in the past tense.

400 Knitting Stitches

I don’t even know how to start this entry. I am looking around my room at the stacks of books I have to revie and thinking to myself…this blog is about to become a book review blog. Only, not really, because the books are all crafty in nature, and hey, ya gotta get ideas somewhere! Since I have no idea where to start, I’ve picked up the closest book, and it happened to be 400 Knitting Stitches, which I received awhile back from Potter Craft.

400knittingstitchesNow, if you have been reading for more that 2 minutes, you know that I am in love with knitting. I love the colors, I love the fibers, I love the feel of the tools in my hands and I love the textures of knitting. That’s what this book is about–texture. It’s not a book you necessarily sit and read through, although I could while away quite a few minutes (and have) thumbing through it. This is more a book you pick up when you wanna make something and design it yourself. Like, a cabled sweater, for instance. Or some pretty little dishcloths. Or perhaps a block blanket in shades or rose and pink to match your princess bedroom, which is probably what I will end up doing first.

There are chapters in the book with patterns based on simple knit and purl combinations, crossed stitches and cables, slipped stitches, lacy stitches, double stitches, twisted stitches and fancy stitches. There is even a section on different cast-off stitches, so you can get just the look you want for your edges. The paperback copy has flaps on the covers to help you hold your place, but I recommend a stack of post-its beside your coffee cup, because you aren’t going to be able to just mark two of these patterns.

I guess it’s time to crank out some more knitting. We all know I can’t justify going to A.C. Moore for one ball of every pink they have in the store until I work up my current stash. But after that? I really think I need a new blankie!

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I Have Smart Twit Friends

So, this weekend, my kids were off with their dad, and I spent some quality time with my close friend, the Clapotis. And I tweeted that I wish I could pur faster with all those stitch markers in my way. Two folks suggested I lose the markers and just reverse stockinette the drop stitches instead. And I did. And, baby, that thing is zooming now! I am so much happier with my progress!

You probably remember that I wanted to be done by the 9th. That is tomorrow. I might as well call for some life insurance leads, cause that idea id all but dead. I might make it of I skip work today, and scouts this evening and sleep tonight, but I can’t do any of those things, so…….nope, won’t be finished by my self-imposed deadline.

In other news, my hats are a big hit, and I have been requested to make more of them. Not for That One. Oh, no. The next set is for his family. But I am finishing the Clapotis first, and then a hat for Batman.

P.S. Do you know how hard it is to not abbreviate Clapotis? But then I get the mental image of knitting syphilis and I just type the whole thing out. Over and over and over.


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