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And she bought more yarn

Earlier this week, I showed you a mystery piece. This is another one. I’d been trying to think of the perfect thing for my purpose, and I had to go to ACMoore for That One’s mom the other day (oh the torture, right? She has no idea what she asks of me!) and I cruised through the yarn as I am wont to do, and this jumped right out at me. I’ll take part of the mystery out and tell you that it will become a Clapotis, but I won’t tell you what I plan to do with it just yet. I want this one finished by March 9th, so please tell me that the Clapotis is a quick knit and that these four balls will make it.


As an aside, the checker got a little flummoxed, apparently distracted by that fella beside me, and she was trying to use a vase sitting on the counter as a barcode scanner. She couldn’t figure out why her register wasn’t working, LOL! I told her I wouldn’t tell anyone, but I don’t figure the blog counts, right?

Can she do it?

After I get the project I discussed yesterday finished, I want to turn my attention to this:


If you remember, and I really don’t expect you to, it is the pinwheel sweater I started for myself back last summer, when everyone else was playing wii games. I think I am almost done with the knitting, and then there is the very fancy, very wide crocheted border. However, I am going to a fancy schmancy dancy on the 20th, which I discussed here, and I realized last Monday that this sweater would be about perfect for it, if I can get it done in time. Anybody wanna place a friendly wager? I’m really motivated, because I have nothing else remotely suitable, and if you click that link, you’ll see that the dress is very, very sleeveless.

Then There’s This

I purposefully left this project a jumbled up mess on the bed for it’s photo. I’m not yet ready to show it, for two reasons. First, it will take a good blocking to show off all it’s charm, and second, I am not yet ready for it to be recognizable as coming from my needles. So there, how is that for ambiguous? Hahaha!


I finished the 15th of the final 30 rows on it the night before I took this picture. My self imposed deadline for having it completed and in the mail is February 9th, and I think I’ll be done in time if I can tear myself away from Kingdoms of Camelot. Which is a blatant lie, because I can play KofC and still knit, muhahahahaha!

By the way, does anyone actually move around with their laptop? I have this Acer Aspire, and I do enjoy it, but I still find myself sitting in my room to use it. Except for today, when I have actually moved to the kitchen so I can monitor the washer and dryer. But I don’t think the thing has ever left the house.

Progress on DaBaby’s Hat

As I told you, DaBaby is the last of the children to ask for a hat. She’s calmed down a little on her insistence since she knows I am working on it. It’s almost ready to begin the decreases.


I should be able to finish it the next time I pick it up. Please excuse the photos. This lighting in my room is not the best for capturing colors. Perhaps some Dolan lighting would fix me right up. Of course, opening the curtains might help a bit too, but that isn’t going to happen. I’m bombarded with florescent lighting every day at work, and I’ve finally figured out that this is why I like to keep my room so dark. It’s calming, and I like calming.

Another FO for ya!

Yes, the knitting continues. Like fine Padron cigars, it just does good things for my mind. Last week, I finished this hat for That One of the enormous head. Actually, the first one I made for him was a bit loose, so we took this one down to 22 inches, and he likes the fit much better.


It’s knit from Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Glamour in Sapphire, and he picked the yarn himself, so don’t blame me that the man is now blue and sparkly. I used size 5 needles to make it, and for a textured yarn, it wasn’t half bad to knit.

I think I have figured out a way to post more regularly here. Since I really only have time to blog on Tuesdays, I’ve been prepublishing content over on my personal blog and that seems to be working out ok. So today, I am going to prepublish a series of notes about what’s in my immediate knitting list and we’ll see how that works for us.

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