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Chugging Along on Several Fronts

So, I got off work today, and ate and then picked up DaBaby who came in my room and handed me the yarn she had picked for her hat and said, “here, you need to make my hat now”. And then she climbed up on the bed to watch as if a hat were a fairly instantaneous thing, such as the miracles promised my most acne medicines. But hats, like pimple reduction, do take at least a few hours to achieve. I guess I can show you the yarn and a row or two of ribbing though, right?


Work continues on the sparkly blue hat. I knit on it for a few minutes each day, except for Sunday when I got just about sick of still doing ribbing and so I finished that. Does anyone know how much fingering weight yarn it takes to make a hat 22 inches by 10.5 inches? Is one ball enough? Not a big Opal sized ball, but a regular smallish ball.

I’m in the home stretch of the body of the shawl I am making as well, having completed 260 or the projected 320 rows. I have to find out the relative size of the recipient to be sure of that, and the person I need to speak to about it is to sick to be coherent just now.

Hats Coming Out Their Ears

Or at least covering them up! Here are the hats I made for Drama and Stuntman, modeled by their owners.


Drama’s band is made from Plymouth Encore and the colorwork is doubled Trekking XXL in color 05. Stuntman’s band is some… uh… black yarn and the colorwork is doubled Lane Cervinia Forever Jaquard in color 230.

And as if mom-knit hats were the qooly equivalent of secure online backup, DaBaby has picked her yarn and thinks I should have started her hat instead of weaving in the ends on Stuntman’s. I am sure Batman will be lining up next!

Also, I have a picture of the Secret Christmas Knitting. I made stockings for Micheal, That One and That Boy. Merry Christmas fellas! Welcome to the fam.


Once Again a Knitter

Well, something has happened in the last few days. No, not an influx of home insurance quotes, but stitching. I don’t know whether the change was internal or is just spurred by the finishing of something, but I am once again a knitter. I knit when I am happy, I knit when I am sad, and when in doubt, I knit. Since I last posted I have finished the hat for Drama, continued on the hat for That One, Stuntman has picked the yarn for his hat, and I have started a shawl for a grieving friend of a friend. Yarn is still the best way I know to send a tangible hug.

And you know what else? When you are knitting for someone who is having a really bad time, it helps you to stop and consider your own life, doesn’t it?

Anyway, at the first of the year, I kinda told myself I was just gonna do one project at a time. Maybe a new one, and then finish an old one and so on, so on, so forth. Yeah, right. Most of my unfinished stuff is for myself, and I am just not that in to me right now. There will be time for that later.

First FO of 2010

So, I said I was gonna knit and I did. I told you that knitting a hat for That One had brought the beggars out and here is the first of the kiddo hats. This is Spidey and he picked the yarn himself.


The band is black, and I can’t remember the brand. It’s the same stuff I used for Diva’s hat. The colorwork is two strands of sock yarm held together, and again, I can’t remember the info. Such are the vagaries of knitting from the odd-ball stash. I want to say it is Mexicano from….uh, it’s on the tip of my fingers, really. I promise. Unfortunately, getting it to the keyboard is a fail. I wonder if it’s possible to find student loans that will pay for memory classes. Of course, I do have a lot of yarn to try to remember, now don’t I? This is why we now leave the ball band in the middle when we wind our yarn. Just sayin’. And that is the imperial we, of course!

Last night, I casted on Hat the Second for That One out of hideous acrylic fingerweight yarn in a sparkly blue that he admired in ACMoore. And today, I will cast on a pink concoction for Drama.