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Getting Organized to Get Stitching

So, one of the motivating factors in the great purge (which is finally happening after 4 years of meaning to get it done, and starting each January to do so) is to be able to spend more time doing what I love: crafting. You’ll note, I am sure that I just haven’t been doing very much of it. I’m hoping that once I get the house under control, and I am so very close, that I will feel the liberty to just sit and stitch.

Now, in addition to just getting rid of massive amounts of stuff, I am also organizing as I go. So, when I saw this: Organizational development university, I had to chuckle to myself. Of course, my first thought was that it was a course in organizing your stuff. I was wrong on that, it’s actually a program that teaches you how lead organizations–businesses and the like. Pretty cool, if that’s your focus, and you need an online course because of a hectic lifestyle. Which we all know I have, being the queen of hectic, but the only thing I am leading these days is a troop of conscripted kids to pick up the dirty underwear off the floor before I go stark raving mad! Yes, it is that basic sometimes. Most of the time. Ok, all of the time, but a different kid each time.

Now all of that is not to say that there is no stitching going on. In fact I have one thing in progress and 2 in the immediate wings, all crochet, but I can’t talk about any of them just yet. They are all secret projects, you see, and can only be worked on when the risk of discovery is very slight. Of course, once I yell “pick up your underwear” for the fortieth time, the kids do tend to try to more or less vanish. Perhaps I can use that to my advantage, considering as how there are only 19 stitching days left until Christmas. *GULP*

Tales of Craftiness Past

As you may know, if you follow my other blog, I’ve been purging my house over the past few months. I’v found a lot of stuff, people. A lot of crafty stuff yet to be made and a fair amount of finished stuff, too. One thing leads to another, and I have uncovered a good deal of things from my wedding. For instance, I made the dress my daughter wore as flower girl. Man, that was forever ago, because Drama now wears that dress. Or at least, it fits her, LOL. I also found the unity candle that I redecorated to match the colors (now trashed), and the ring bearer pillow (saved in case one of the girls want it), and my dress. Well, both my wedding dresses, actually, both saved at Country’s request. (That really surprised me, since she is typically not one given to sentiment. At least on the outside :)).

I also found a stack of wedding invitations and wedding napkins. I’d been intending on making a shadow box thingie like the one Grandma and Papa had using those and that pillow for some 15 years. Guess that won’t be happening now, huh?

I think I’d still like to do a shadow box of some sort, just because I think they are neat to look at and would be fun to make, but I definitely need a different focus, ykwim? Perhaps…. well, I do have a lot of remembrances of Grandmother…. I could do that. I’m not sure I have enough flat stuff, though. And I think I passed up on all her costume jewelry that would have made for a cute display. But, I do have her watch and grand-dads, and some old pictures, and a couple of small knickknacks….. yeah, I think that’s do-able. And I think I just added another project to my someday list.

Now, that’s interesting

As some of you may know, I work two days a week in the pharmacy. I really enjoy it; the counting and attention to detail really appeal to my innate desire to be regimentally organized (yes, you may certainly read that as an anal retentive tendency, it won’t offend me at all). I have to say, though, that in 10 months time, I have never filled a prescription for Viagra for a woman. Not ever. I have, however, filled a goodly number of antidepressants, and have even considered them for myself. (I decided against it for reasons of my own, but I did consider it.) Which brings me to the subject line of “Now, that’s interesting.”

According to this Web MD study,

”Seventy-two percent of the women on Viagra vs. 27% of the women on placebo got to ‘much improved’ or ‘very much improved’ on a scale [of sexual functioning],” says Harry A. Croft, MD, medical director of the San Antonio Psychiatric Research Center in Texas and a co-author on the study.

Now, I had no idea antidepressants did that, especially since I know that depression also lowers libido. OTOH, since I’m ….um….not exactly married anymore, perhaps antidepressants might be an option for me after all. But without the side order of Viagra!

In crafty news, I finished a hat for Diva, since she asked for one. I gave it to her before I took a picture, and well, who knows where it is now. Basic black cotton-ease, go ahead and visualize it for youself.

In non-crafty news, I have a lot of blogging to do, good stuff on books and products and such and such and such. I’ll try not to flood your feed reader too much, but I do have about a six month backlog of stuff to talk about. Which, amazingly enough, roughly corresponds to my extended period of silence. Welcome back into my world, dear friends.

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