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Where are all the calendars??

Do you remember back in the day, when you could pick up free calendars everywhere? Stop by the bank, free calendar. Hardware store, free calendar. McDonald’s, free cal—oops, now I remember, you had to buy those, but they had lots of coupons for free food, so really, that was kinda like a free calendar. My uncle used to get me one every year! My cousin and I would plot and plan exactly HOW we were going to get to a McDonald’s, considering that neither of us had one close by. Fun times!

These days, the only places I know of giving out free calendars are K-Mart (hey, with coupons even) and funeral homes (er, thanks, but no thanks, especially with coupons). I’m thinking it’s time to turn some businesses on to discount printing and please bring back the free calendar! Seriously, PsPrint will run them for as low as 34 cents a calendar, and my business over the course of the next 373 days ought to be worth that much, right? Yeah, I thought so.

In crafty news, I neglected to tell ya’ll just now that Spidey picked out the yarn for his hat even as I was finishing up the stockings. Black worsted on top, self striping sock on the top. But I really hope it’s okay with him if I wait for this three day headache to pass before I get started. And I really, sincerely hope the headache doesn’t last another three days! That would truly suck.

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