sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things


Apparently the recent cold snap has my loved ones thinking not about florida vacations, but rather warm woolen good for their heads! I’ve been handed for hat requests in the last 36 hours! And this is in addition to the secret crocheting I still have to do! Of course, hat the first is already in progress, because what knitter in their right mind can turn down an actual request for wooly love? Not this one!

Hat the first is for That One, composed of a purple brim in cotton ease (for comfort) and a top in black woolease, no “stupid ball up on top, either”. It’s on size 10s and I am two thirds of the way through the ribbing on it, which isn’t bad considering I started after 10 last night. Hat the second will be for Spidey, and I need him to pick his yarn. Hat the third will be for Drama, and she wants purple, with a “ball on top, because that makes a hat awesome and he doesn’t ‘stand that”. Hat the fourth will be for Stuntman who will also need to pick his yarn. And then more hats for That One who wears them constantly and wants enough to change like he changes clothes. Do I look like a knitting machine to you? Apparently so. And I’m okay with that 😉

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