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Some things jewelry just won’t fix

Doesn’t that look interesting? Yeah, I thought so. Bunch of young fellas sitting around giving and getting advice on what “chicks” like. And I suppose if I were a younger, hipper (not to be confused with hippier, which I still am, believe it or don’t) woman, I’d be all about some cute young thing gifting me with a necklace or some such bauble. But I am older now, and a little more mature and I have jewelry. I wear the necklace and earrings my daddy gave me every day. And now I wear Grandmother’s rings on my right hand. And the only piece of jewelry I really want is something a man can’t really give me, because it would just be too weird right now. I want a ring for my left hand. No, not that kind of ring, you ding-a-ling. Just a pretty one, because my hand looks naked. Maybe a mother’s ring, or a small sapphire. Yeah, better make it the small sapphire, since it will match the necklace and earrings. And also because with eight kids, I’m not sure I’d still be able to lift my finger if I had a mother’s ring.

On the other hand (would that be right or left?????), for everything jewelry can’t fix, there is fiber. And I am pleased to announce that I finally have a finished object for 2009. I shall have to make a page for it, since it is the first for the year. My dear Micheal asked me to make him a scarf, and so I did.

Micheals Caron Scarf

It’s crocheted from some Caron black that self stripes, and if I could remember the name, I would tell you. Unfortunately the links for my stash page got whacked and the thumbnail now links to only the main picture and so I have lost the information. Ah, the bliss of technology. Or some such. Anyway, at roughly 6 feet long and 5 inches wide, it should work with his 6′ 2″ frame quite nicely. And since he always wears black, it will go with his …everything.