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Letting it all out

Several months ago, in a fit of trying to be orgnaized and efficient, I packed all my craft stuff up so it would be contained and not in everyone’s way. Not coincidentally, I realized that’s about the time I quit making stuff. Funny how that worked, huh? Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Yesterday, I pulled a set of cubbies I had been using for clothes and shoes out of my closet and ito my room. I put my yarn and puzzles and a few books in it. I still need to dig some beading and scrap stuf out from under the bed, but I am loving it already. Very Cass-ish.

Country walked in and told me it looked like a yarn store in here. And ya’ll, the phone rang as I had my hands wrapped around my Peruvian alpaca silk, and I really had to think about whether I wanted to let go of the yarn to answer the phone, LOL! When my friend called, I explained that like he needs his guitar out so he can see it, even when he doesn’t play it, I need my stuff out to inspire me to create.

I guess I need my yarn like some folks need their ipods.

In actual kntting news, I am continuing on the pinwheel sweater. I’m almost ready to split for the arms. I finished the first ball of yarn in it last night, way late, while enjoying the ambiance of my crafty room.

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