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Ok, so I sat down in front of a movie the other night to work on my sweater. My row guage is a bit off from the pattern, so I had decided to take it back a couple of rounds so it would not be too large. And that is a very good thing, because apparently knitting late at night on the phone is like giving the best diet pills to my attention span. I had messed up the increase pattern several times in the preceding round!

I’m back on track now, and once again ready to divide for the sleeves, but that was a close one! Good thing I’ve lost weight lately instead of gaining, or I never would have been ripping back. Or tinking, rather. I don’t rip rounds, it’s too hard to figure out where to start stopping.

Time to divide

and maybe even to conquer! It’s time to set aside stitches for the sleeves of my pinwheel sweater. I’m excited and a little intimidated. I cannot make my mind see the way she explains the provisional cast on, and there are no Orlando vacations in sight for me to spend hours figuring it out. I’ve pretty much decided to crochet a chain and pick up the stitches into that. The effect will be the same, and it’s something I already know how to do. At this point, the sweater has been sitting for most of a week, and I am more than ready to get moving on it again!

I’m also on the lookout for a mindless knitting project so I can watch movies and knit. Of course, one I get this sleeve thing done, the pinwheel sweater will be good movie knitting. Maybe I just need to DO IT.

Halloween Scoop

Halloween will be here before you know it., so it’s a good idea to start looking for kid’s costumes, today. Selected themes and characters are limited in quantity and based on demand, could run out of stock very quickly. This is particular true with kids sizes 4-6 which is by far the most popular. Determine who you will be buying for; baby or toddler costumes, girls, boys and what their size is. What is your childs favorite character…is it a princess or a super hero? There are many different styles, sizes and accessories available now in stock. So if you don’t get a start on it now, your child will undoubtedly give you that frumpy look of dissatisfaction as they wear a costume two sizes too big.

Instead of purchasing the same old regular style costume, pick up a deluxe style costume package, which includes extra accessories such as tiaras and muscle chests, and make your child’s Halloween a day to remember. If your daughter likes Hannah Montana, there are several types of costumes for you to look at. Hannah Montana costumes including a gold metallic jacket with the Hannah Montana logo, a matching tunic top, black cropped leggings, and a glittery belt. Costumes come in different sizes ranging in sizes from 4-10. Stars Wars costumes are always a very popular year in and out for boys and girls, babies and toddlers. A Jedi Knight is great for the hero, but Darth Vader is by far the most popular for Halloween. Kids love the dark mask, as well the light saber accessories. Princess Leia is still a classic choice for all girls and little princesses. Star Wars costumes all are available to babies, too!

Letting it all out

Several months ago, in a fit of trying to be orgnaized and efficient, I packed all my craft stuff up so it would be contained and not in everyone’s way. Not coincidentally, I realized that’s about the time I quit making stuff. Funny how that worked, huh? Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Yesterday, I pulled a set of cubbies I had been using for clothes and shoes out of my closet and ito my room. I put my yarn and puzzles and a few books in it. I still need to dig some beading and scrap stuf out from under the bed, but I am loving it already. Very Cass-ish.

Country walked in and told me it looked like a yarn store in here. And ya’ll, the phone rang as I had my hands wrapped around my Peruvian alpaca silk, and I really had to think about whether I wanted to let go of the yarn to answer the phone, LOL! When my friend called, I explained that like he needs his guitar out so he can see it, even when he doesn’t play it, I need my stuff out to inspire me to create.

I guess I need my yarn like some folks need their ipods.

In actual kntting news, I am continuing on the pinwheel sweater. I’m almost ready to split for the arms. I finished the first ball of yarn in it last night, way late, while enjoying the ambiance of my crafty room.