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A little light knitting

So, Sunday I took a mental health day. I did only that which was necessary and spent some time doing the things I love: writing, reading, chatting with a friend, knitting. Since I had ZERO desire to finish anything I am currently working on, I started this pinwheel sweater for myself instead. I’m using that lovely rose Cotton Fine that is on the stash page I am too lazy to link to. In fact, I started it four times. And then last night, I looked at how bad the ladders were and I started it yet again. I’m finally satisfied with how the center looks. Well, mostly. But I think it will come out in the wash.

Unfortunately for me, today I smashed my finger while doing some odd jobs. There is no workman’s comp for that, and I doubt calling a Rochester personal injury lawyer will do me much good either. It’s sore to the touch, but I haven’t tried knitting with it yet. We’ll have to see how it goes.

By the way, instead of using dpns to start the sweater, I am using three circs. I tried it with two, but that led to the laddering I spoke of. I’m finding that using three keeps the stitches tighter, but still leaves them loose enough to move of the cable and onto the needle proper. That little issue was the cause of the first two false starts.

I used to know how to knit, I promise!

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