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A little light knitting

So, Sunday I took a mental health day. I did only that which was necessary and spent some time doing the things I love: writing, reading, chatting with a friend, knitting. Since I had ZERO desire to finish anything I am currently working on, I started this pinwheel sweater for myself instead. I’m using that lovely rose Cotton Fine that is on the stash page I am too lazy to link to. In fact, I started it four times. And then last night, I looked at how bad the ladders were and I started it yet again. I’m finally satisfied with how the center looks. Well, mostly. But I think it will come out in the wash.

Unfortunately for me, today I smashed my finger while doing some odd jobs. There is no workman’s comp for that, and I doubt calling a Rochester personal injury lawyer will do me much good either. It’s sore to the touch, but I haven’t tried knitting with it yet. We’ll have to see how it goes.

By the way, instead of using dpns to start the sweater, I am using three circs. I tried it with two, but that led to the laddering I spoke of. I’m finding that using three keeps the stitches tighter, but still leaves them loose enough to move of the cable and onto the needle proper. That little issue was the cause of the first two false starts.

I used to know how to knit, I promise!

I lied. Again.

I maybe need to get some Blue Advantage insurance for my truth teller. It seems to be suffering for some aberrant behavior, such as when I promise a completed BSJ for the weekend, and then don’t even pick it up all week long.

In truth, I have lost my knitting mojo. I guess ya’ll might have noticed. In truth, I want to make stuff, I have the stuff to make stuff, but I just don’t make the time. And while it is true that I have a lot less free time than I had a year or so ago, it is also true that we make time to do the things we really want to do. And it is also true that I still waste a lot of time.

So, the question is, what do you do with a craft blog when you don’t craft anymore? I’m not giving it up, because I know that I will eventually pick up my hobbies again. Besides, I am known all over the internet as CassKnits. So, the blog isn’t going anyplace, I just don’t know what to do with it just now.

Fooled me

So, yesterday, I watched three movies. Now you would think that I would have had ample time to finish up those BSJ cuffs, right? That would be no. I cleaned and worked on computer stuff during those movies. (As an aside, if you ever need to just cry your eyeballs out, I totally recommend Bridges of Madison County. If you can squeeze in Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias first, it’s almost guaranteed to let your waterworks flow. Ahem.) Anyway, tonight I plan to change that. I hav done some work today, and I am going to do a bit more, and that will give my to-do list enough of a boost that I can actually KNIT tonight while I watch more chick flicks.

Imagine the concept: one gts a todo list pared down by actually DOING STUFF. That’s just amazing isn’t? Certainly not as amazing as the claims made by some diet pills, but pretty profound nonetheless. Pictures of a completed BSJ by next weekend. Seriously.

Time for cuffs

I finished the BSJ last night, and picked up for sleeve cuffs this morning. I plan to put buttonholes and buttons on them, so the recipient can roll them up or leave them down as they wish. Well, I guess that would be the recipient’s mother, right? After I get that done, I will seam the sleeves. And then…… like an addict in drug rehab, I will pick up and knit a little collar. And then! I will add buttons.

And then I will knit something else, or craft something else, because just today I resolved to get back to the things I love. Like, oh you know, making stuff. Etc. Just you wait!

Uhoh Woohoo

Uhoh, I didn’t get the BSJ finished for the baby shower at church. Which is ok, I suppose as the thing is in fall colors, and I can just give it after the baby comes. And I went to a family baby shower that day anyway. And I ate and ate and ate. In fact, I wished for appetite suppressants this past weekend, because I woke up Saturday and started eating cookies and I ate crap all day Saturday. And all day Sunday. And also Monday.

Woohoo, Mama found the coordinating yarn, so I don’t have to go buy it, and that’s a really good thing because walking into a yarn store in my current state would be a *very* *bad* *thing*. VeryBadThing. Not good. At all.

Now if I could just make myself pick up the needles instead of the mouse!

Musically speaking

So,m I told you I hit the knitting wall of not yarn. And I told oyu I finally finished my book. What I didn’t mention was how I played with my music on this here computer yesterday! I want to burn some cds for the van and so I tried to mesh LimeWire, iTunes and my mp3 player to get a good mix of tunes. I finally got it done, but I did have to trick iTunes. See, that apple product only wants to play nicely with ipods. It won’t recognize other Mp3 players as valid sources of music. I actually had to use Windows Explorer to get the job done, but in the end, I persevered, I drug and dropped, I won. And I have 1.3 days of fine music to prove it! Now if I could have only made yarn at the same time!

Screeching to the finish line

Or maybe just screeching to a halt! I am at the end of the yarn I have for that BSJ, and I was planning to get some coordinating stuff from my mom to finish it, and although she is sure she has it, we can’t find. Let me tell you, not much holds a candle to the frustration of being 6 rows from the end of a project and not being able to just git ‘er done!

IN other news, I finally finished reading The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club. It was a fair read, and would have been a lot quicker if my life wasn’t in an uproar. I’m glad I stuck it out to the end, and if you have a couple of days this summer that beg to be spent with a book instead of with wool, do pick this one up. It’s a good distraction if you can manage to just sit and read :)