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Just shuffling it around

That’s what I did last night, shuffled. I shuffled my half of my crafty crap from one corner of my room to put it all together in another corner. It’s all together now, and it is one heinous mountain of craftastic stuff. I need to go on holiday for a couple of weeks and just work on crafts. Or perhaps it would be better to send the kids on one of those Orlando vacations while I stay home and stitch. Less to haul that way.

Seriously, ya’ll, I am so…backed up and overwhelmed just now. Did I mention that? And then when I do have a block of time to do something, there’s so much to do that I just sit here and surf the internet because I am just too confused by all the choices. You reckon that’s gonna get better anytime soon? Seems like it’s been a couple of months now, yk?

Just want a nap!

Brown cup of coffee
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Ok, how many times have I been here? You know where here is, right? Like six oclockish, and really wanting to go to bed, but having 48 bazillion things to do first, so I guess I’ll drink some coffee just to make it through the evening? That’s where. You been there? Found a good way to get through it that doesn’t involve caffeine or misusing the best diet pills? Me either, so I guess I’ll make coffee.

I just want to be organized, I just want to read, I just want my house clean, I just want to knit, I just want my laundry caught up, I just want to make pretty stuff, I just want to play with my kids. But first, I need to make coffee.

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Well, I read

Nothing crafty, unless you count writing and singing, but I did at least read. Curled up in my golden bed, I read and read and read. For at least half and hour before I fell asleep, LOL! Seriously, if I were to win the Econo Lodge American values sweepstakes, I’d be hard pressed to choose between my books and my yarn. And the music. Let’s not forget that, because these days, I spend a lot of time humming “crazy is the new normal”.

And tonight? I can tell you now that I am so tired, I will not be crafting, but I do still plan to read a bit.

Word of Warning

Notice how that could make the aconym wow? See, always thinking, that’s me. Here’s my warning: I made a tremendously long to do list today. It doesn’t include studying Mesothelioma, but it does involve several specific action items round the house, and a few errands. AND, it includes reading for pleasure and doing something crafty. Just so you know, I don’t plan to wait until I get all of that impossible to finish list completed before I indulge myself for a few minutes. So there, universe!

Wow. Just wow.

That’s what the kids have been saying to me lately. Each time I do something clumsy or silly or just overly Cass-tastic. In fact, I have heard it so that I now say it to and about myself. Like for instance, when I looked on the the front page of the blog and realized it has been almost a month since I posted. Twenty nine days in fact. That’s just crazy. What’s crazier is that I haven’t done more crafty stuff in that time.

I’m working now, don’t know if I mentioned that. And rearranging my house since the family make-up has changed, pretty sure I didn’t mention that. So basically, I’ve spent that last month trying to get my crap together, and frankly, I’m beginning to believe “getting my crap together” may actually be my new and semi-permanent lifestyle.

I just want to sit with a cup of coffee, a movie and some yarn. But you know what? I’d fall asleep. I just know I would, because as soon as I slow down, that’s what happens. Some people recommend HGH for more energy and a youthful feeling. I like my plan better: just keep going, kinda like the energizer bunny.

I’m busier that I’ve been in years, but I’m also happier and sleeping better. That’s a good thing, even if I do fall asleep when I finally sit down. But when I get my room and the living room finished, I will craft. Oh, yes I will. In the meantime, I’ll try to blog a little more regularly, too.