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Ready to stitch

Well, I spent the weekend working and reading and going to church and a nature hike and reading. And I finally finished that book I was past due on. Even after falliung asleep with it on Saturday. And by with it, I mean reading. I just blinked, I promise.

Anyway, I can now turn my attention to a couple of movies I have been meaning to watch, and my BSJ that has been OTN for too long. And Carrick, which just lacks the turtleneck and the sleeves. And since my tv stands right near the foot of my bed, I can knit in comfort as I enjoy the show. Tonight’s goodie: Marilyn Monroe.

One Last Thing For Today

Remember that gal I put in school a few weeks ago? Well, guess who started Driver’s Ed this week. That’s right. Miss I’m Fifteen and Ready to Terrorize the World. What’s mostly terrorized is my wallet, since I’m looking at my car insurance premium doubling in a few months. Gulp. Big Deep Breath. You know that gal just took her first steps last week. I’m She’s not ready for this.

A quick thaw

Wow, I just looked at the temperature and it says 53 degrees. Considering it never got above freezing yesterday, that is major news! Almost makes me consider lounging around on the outdoor furniture, but then I come to my senses and realize I have way too much crap to do to be goofing off like that. You know, laundry, blogging, laundry, surfing, laundry, coffee. Oh wait! I’m at Mama’s. I’m not doing any laundry, ROFL!!!!

Christmas Shopping

Yes, I know it is only February, but see, I made up my mind the day after Christmas what I want next Christmas for the kids. I want a Wii. And not just a Wii. I want extra Wii games, and cool wii accessories. I’ve already been warned about using the straps to keep the controllers in little hands, but other than that, do you have any advice? What game or accessory rawks your sawks? And is it ok to use super glue instead of velcro straps for the little ones?

In the category of did you know

Ok, I don’t actually have a category called did you know, but I should. Except I already have a slew of categories, and don’t really want to make my blogging life even more complicated, but DID YOU KNOW that Mama is cleaning out her house? And DID YOU KNOW that way back in my sister’s old closet, she found the helmet we used to wear when we rode on the motorcycle with Daddy. Talk about a blast from the past. And DID YOU KNOW, she threw that unroadworthy thing away? Guess she’s haoping that will keep me from needing to shop for motorcycle accident attorneys further down the line.

The Finnished Pink Helmet
Image by Cramit via Flickr

Shhh. Don’t tell her that I know where the bike shop is now, and I can go buy a new one. In pink.

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Lighting and other issues

ceiling rims pr So, obviously, I have been quiet here. I have a lot going on, most of which will probably never make the face of this blog, but will eventually make it to my personal blog in one form or another. Today, though, I want to talk a little bit about how to set up a craft area in my room.

001 shuttersRight now, I have my storage bench in there to hold stuff (plus 2 big wicker baskets. And a three shelf rolling cart. Oh, and an old microwave cart. But, HEY! There is zero craft stuff in my living room. Unless you count hocks. And the yarn for same. Sigh. Oh well, back to my POINT!! Which is a craft area in my room. Right now, I have CF lights in the overhead, plus 2 lamps. The thing is, my curtains are heavy, and I get no actual sunlight in there. It’s great for sleeping, but not so much for crafting. Or putting on makeup for that matter. Should I get lighter curtains and rely on shutters to deal with the light when I don’t want it? I have long toyed with the idea of wood blinds, and here in hurricane alley, shutters actually serve a useful function, ykwim? I like these Charlotte Shutters from Inviting Home, but I’d want them for the whole house.

As for containing the stuff, aside from using it up and then not buying so much, I don’t know what to do. There’s only so much prettifying you can do, even with decorative hardware. But in order to use it up, I have to actually craft, which isn’t much happening for me lately. Sigh.