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Does two rows count?

Cause that is about the amount of knitting I have done, and that little bit was on the BSJ that I am making form the last of the rust Encore. I have been making a point of relaxing more often though. I’ve cruised through a couple of Harry Potter novels, and I picked up the last one from the library today.

I also cleaned my desk today and found a 300 page novel I am supposed to review by the 22nd that I have not even started. Oops. So much for relaxing with a good book–I’ll be sweating trying to get it read in time. And then, after those two books, perhaps more knitting. Or beading. Or scrapping. Or other craftiness. Or maybe just a good night’s sleep.

Or Not

So, my last post, roughly three weeks ago, declared that life was getting back to normal. Well, unless normal means whizzing by so fast that I need a barcode scannerjust to conduct an inventory of my thoughts, feelings and activities, then no. Not so much.

I’m busy, I’m pressed, I’m without internet at home, and frankly, I’m just scrambling trying to get through the days. I’d love to sit down and knit a spell, and while I know it would improve my mental outlook 310%, I just havent made time to make myself do it. I’m a slacking loser that way. And also, maybe just realized how much I needed it.

So, crafting soon, and in the meantime, I hope to eventually slow down and breathe.