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Sonnet needs some help

So, I wore Sonnet. You’ve seen me in it before, here. This time, I wanted to wear it buttoned, but it gapped a little, and so I wore it the way you see it pictured. And it would not stay up on my shoulders. As my friend said, “it’s too big here and too little there”, which is what usually happens when I knit something from someone else’s pattern without any adjustments. And remember, Sonnet is knit side to side, so it’s not exactly possible to just add boobs like I usually do.

Anyway. My weight has been up and down, mostly due to stress. I still haven’t been able to find the best diet pill, the one that will let me eat what I want, whenever I want, even if it is nothing, and still keep my weight around 140 and my blood sugar level. I’m not sure how that is affecting the fit of my sweater, which gapped in Orlando (which is why I am wearing it with one button only in the picture), but did not slip off the shoulders. And I was told in the nicest possible way today that a sweater worn like that is not my most fabulous look. It does okay reining in the chest, but makes my hips look wider than they already are. So. I am looking at altering the sweater.

If I pick up along the edge with the buttons and on up around the collar for an inch or so, I think that would add enough to keep it up when I want it. It would also cover some of the gapping, since the buttons are now too close to the edge. I’m toying with how to do that so that the actual closure is shifted to the side, just a bit off center.

Hmm, maybe I should just start from scratch.

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