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The TueReview: Beading with Pearls

51 1ogdFROL. SL500 AA240 Ok, I admit it. I am no longer satisfied to just string beads. I want to actually create jewelry. You know, with wire and beads, and dangles and yeah, all that. And I blame my dilemma on this book right here. Beading with Pearls has totally been my undoing! I want heavy gauge wire, and I want spacer bars, and I want. more. pearls. too, LOL!

Victoria and Chlorophyll (multi-strand pearl bracelets) demand to be made and I also want to try my hand at Cyclone ( a ring) and Pearl Bouquet (ear rings), and of course, I’m already riffing off of the pieces as presented in the book, seeing something inspired by, but different than, these pieces. That’s the mark of a great pattern book, isn’t it? One that inspires you to not only make what is in the book, but move beyond that and design your own pieces?

The book, combined with the calendar ought to be enough to keep me beadily busy this coming year. And I haven’t even cracked the cover on the seed bead book!

A Crafty Kind of Christmas

IMG 0403

Someone certainly knows how to make my eyes light up, huh? Mama bought these things for me, and Daddy got me clothes and shoes. I was thrilled with all of it! Happier than commercial collection agencies after the stock bailout. More excited than GM at the prospect of federal funding for their foul ups. Not to get too political here, and just as an aside, wouldn’t it make better sense for Uncle Sam to just by every person in the US over the age of 18 a new car? That way we could all benefit from this craziness, instead of merely increasing the deficit?

Ok, back to the crafty blog thing: What you see above is 2 books, 2 boxes of beads and 2 calendars. Yes, two. One for my desk and one for my dresser. (And no wonder she didn’t pick up that Never Not Knitting calendar I looked at so piteously) 😛 You can expect a review of the Knitting with Pearls tomorrow.

Also, I picked up the stitches on the button band and around the collar of Sonnet yesterday. I am planning on working that in seed stitch.

Online Craft Club #52

Hard to believe we have done this 52 times, isn’t it? I think I must have skipped a couple of decades worth of numbers somewhere, ykwim?

Today, I am going to take the cheater out, and just talk about what is currently in progress and on the horizon.

I am still working on the Carrick Pullover. The front and back are finished and I should start the first sleeve soon.

While I was working the movies the other day, I started a hooded scarf for charity out of some colorful balls of leftover yarns. There’s not enough of any one thing to make a larger something from, but I can put some coordinates together to come up with a good looking scarf or seven.

Sonnet remains on the back of my chair, pending picking up stitches and fixing the front and neckline. Seriously considering seed stitch for that.

In other news, I am mostly back. We have “lite” internet at home, which will allow me to get my work done, but I still don’t have my computer. I am planning to start my regular publishing schedule up next week. As for my computer, I have no idea, other than that a part has been ordered. I can barely tell a keyboard from a video card, so that’s enough information for me.

Take a picture of your current project, whatever that happens to be. Or maybe one you recently finished. Or the materials for the one you are about to start. Let’s say materials for a project in whatever state it happens to be in at the time you snap it. On Friday, post the picture and tell us about your project. What you did, or what you are going to do. How much you are enjoying it, or hating it. You know–show and tell.

Just copy & paste the code below the graphic and get crafty with me!

In search of kids t shirts

Yesterday, my mama and I spent several hours at the mall. Now, we have been to the mall *cough* more than once in the past week-ish, and it has been for the most part a great deal of fun for both of us. Crowds have been minimal, stress has been low, and we have laughed and giggled and had a good time. Until yesterday. When we were trying to find shirts for my three sons.

Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Now, my boys are 7, 9 and 10. They are hardly hardcore trouble, and yet, everywhere we looked we saw skulls and such on the clothes. Yes, even in sizes 4, 6 and 8, which is what they wear. Now, I could have understood this, if we were looking at UFC t-shirts, but we were at Sears, looking at CRB and TKS. Call me a fuddy-duddy, but I’d much rather have my kids in johnny cash t-shirts than skull and crossbones. Unless we are talking pirate wear, for which I make an exception.

Of course, my all time favorite is the stripe. Preferably in red or blues. I’m a sucker for a striped shirt. Or plaid. I love me some plaid. I love plaid better than the crazy hair guy on Seinfield. You know the one—he appeared in plaid shorts all the time? Of course, you don’t see very many seinfeld t-shirts in the kids department anymore. No room for them among all the macabre, I guess.

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A little goodie for ya’ll

So. I have internet at home again. It just got to the point where I had so much online work to do that I couldn’t get it done at the library and Mama’s. That’s ok, it was a nice break. Now, of course, I have five thousand, four hundred and seventy-eight things to tell you about. Let’s start off with a wee give-away, shall we? How does this look to you?

Progresso Small

Progresso has generously offered to send a gift basket to three of my readers. These “perfect recipe” baskets contain free coupon for Progresso Broth, a recipe card holder, recipe box and wicker basket, as well as a set of serving spoons and a spoon rest. I’ve been using my set for a week or so now, and we really like it. I suppose one could call it a happy coincidence that my kitchen happens to be blue, right?

Now I suppose we need ways to enter, right? Well, you can leave a comment for an entry. You can twitter about this contest and leave a comment telling me you have done so for an entry. You can stumble this post and leave a comment letting me know you have done so for an entry. Let’s see…we should have a bonus round! For five entries, tell me about your best or worst food experience this holiday season. Was your dressing dry? Your pastry divine? I wanna know all about it. Leave the recipe along with your story, too, LOL!

I’ll leave this contest open through New Year’s Eve, and I’ll announce the three winners on January 1st, 2009. In the meantime, I have another goodie, just as a reward for reading this far. You can pick up a coupon for Progresso as your holiday gift!

Sonnet needs some help

So, I wore Sonnet. You’ve seen me in it before, here. This time, I wanted to wear it buttoned, but it gapped a little, and so I wore it the way you see it pictured. And it would not stay up on my shoulders. As my friend said, “it’s too big here and too little there”, which is what usually happens when I knit something from someone else’s pattern without any adjustments. And remember, Sonnet is knit side to side, so it’s not exactly possible to just add boobs like I usually do.

Anyway. My weight has been up and down, mostly due to stress. I still haven’t been able to find the best diet pill, the one that will let me eat what I want, whenever I want, even if it is nothing, and still keep my weight around 140 and my blood sugar level. I’m not sure how that is affecting the fit of my sweater, which gapped in Orlando (which is why I am wearing it with one button only in the picture), but did not slip off the shoulders. And I was told in the nicest possible way today that a sweater worn like that is not my most fabulous look. It does okay reining in the chest, but makes my hips look wider than they already are. So. I am looking at altering the sweater.

If I pick up along the edge with the buttons and on up around the collar for an inch or so, I think that would add enough to keep it up when I want it. It would also cover some of the gapping, since the buttons are now too close to the edge. I’m toying with how to do that so that the actual closure is shifted to the side, just a bit off center.

Hmm, maybe I should just start from scratch.

The TueReview: Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book

9780307383198Did I ever tell you about the time my husband’s friend brought his Jewish girlfriend over for dinner and I served cheeseburgers? Yeah, then I went one better and the next time she came I served (wait for it)

ham. Yeah. I would say I don’t know what I was thinking, but clearly I wasn’t actually thinking at all, right? Well, next time she comes over, I will be ready, because Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book contains menus and recipes for kosher meals, in addition to some new 30 minute meals and holiday menus.

Now, I have been a fan of Rachael for a while. What’s not to love about a woman who can teach you to make a whole meal in 30 minutes? That’s like… making a magic trick every day, ykwim? I stop when I see her on tv, and I subscribe to her magazine, and I read that thing cover to cover, and I drool over the pictures too!

What I most enjoy about Rachael’s recipes is how she puts a twist on basic dishes. For instance, she takes the BLT to a new level, the BLTT: bacon, lettuce, tomato jam and tuna. And I absolutely relish the way this woman treats the lowly hamburger! In Rachael’s world, the hamburger is an art form! This particular book has an entire chapter devoted to them! And burgers don’t just mean beef, either. She’s got them made with turkey, lamb and salmon, too!

And heaven help me! A chapter full of meals for one. So I can have something delicious to eat when I can’t have what the family is eating. Think they will believe that Seared Salmon Fillet with Cucumber Dill Sauce is a sacrifice? No? Me either.

Oh my, but the chapter on meals that tale longer than 30 minutes has me hungry! I mean, I like quick, but sometimes, longer just …it’s a good anticipatory time, ykwim? It smells better longer, LOL!

And as usual, her appetizers look so good that I want to have them for a meal. Which I have done before. Just sayin’

Cass Knits The Carrick Pullover

tweed carrickBack when I reviewed Tweed, I mentioned a few sweaters I would like to knit, and believe or don’t, the Carrick Pullover wasn’t among them. I’m not sure why, except that it is a fairly plain sweater, with no intricate shaping or design. Where other sweaters in the book say “ooooooooh”, this one only promises an “ahhh” and then only when you pull it on.

Nonetheless, given the fact that it was time to knit the Dublin Tweed, the gauge and yardage were right, and I am too stressed to follow anything more complicated than a three stitch pattern repeat, I am knitting it. Hold your collective breaths, I am knitting with bulky weight yarn. And, ya’ll, I am loving it.

Last night, I got to the point where it is time to shape the armholes. This morning, I ripped it back out to re-do it at a larger gauge, which will come much closer to replicating the texture of the sweater in the picture. It’s a very soothing knit, and very quick, too. And given that I hate a coat with a passion, and mostly refuse to wear one, I’m thinking this sweater may end up being my new winter BFF. Sorry, Ang.

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