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Assorted Trivia

Susan T. is the winner of our Bloggy Giveaway. She has chosen Two Dudes, One Pan as her prize! Susan, please email me me your snail mail addy, so we can get your book out to you.

The craft show did not go well. At all. Attendance was way low, and the people who did come weren’t buying. Even the silent charity auction was a big flop.

I picked up my old guitar from my Mama’s last night. It is in bad shape with a broken saddle, one missing string and it hardly holds a tuning. Nonetheless, it felt pretty good to hold it again.

And also, I butchered the National Anthem during the youth lock-in on Friday night. I wasn’t performing, I was goofing around with a couple more singers. However, I took it as a personal challenge, and that song and I had long and intense negotiations in the shower. I think we reached an ok compromise, but feel free to decide for yourself.

BTW, this will probably be the last singing video I post here, at least for awhile. This blog is full enough without adding my singing to it, so you will find that kind of stuff on my more personal blog from now on.

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