sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

Squeeeeeeeee! Knitting meet-up!

so, yeah, we did. Tripletmom and I met at the local library! We yapped for a couple of hours, and then we pulled out projects and actually talked about knitting for a while. It was glorious fun, right up until the moment the young guy working the check out said “CLOSING”. Oops. We packed and fled.

We decided we’ll be meeting each Saturday morning, unless life or the local Knitting Guild meeting happens. After a quick schedule run-down, we found out the next time we are both available is December 6th, so before I left, I tacked a business card up with the date and time of our next meeting. They won’t let us actually reserve space, but the library was not very busy, and I think it will be fine. If you can join us, just throw a couple of bar stools in the trunk, in case all the chairs are taken. There’s a table, and good lighting there where we sat, and really the only thing lacking was coffee. IMO, being surrounded by books kinda makes up for that. Almost 😉

One thing I had intended to do, but didn’t get to before closing, was paying the fines on one of our cards. That’s too bad, since we can’t check out any books until I do that.

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