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Hocks to the Rescue! and an official breakup

What do you do when no project in your basket is suitable for this moment? What’s your back-up project?

I happen to be at this point just now, with the wallaby needing the sleeves begun and the socks needing the second one cast on. This morning, I needed to listen to some narrations/ check outs with the children. This does require a certain amount of attention, and casting on is pretty attention sucking, isn’t it, what with all the counting and such? I’ve been trying to keep my hands full when I do check outs with the kids, because otherwise, I get distracted and find my hand reaching for the mouse (we do the checkouts right here at my desk, see), or else I’m propping my face in my hand, which is sure to cause a rash of zits. As an aside, do we ever outgrow that? I’m 41 and still have to remind myself “hands off your face” when I am reading or whatever. Knitting has certainly been good for me in that regard–an unorthodox acne cure, if you will.

Anyway, I picked up Hocks. It had been out since the craft fair, when I was far to sleepy to knit for more than 10 minutes. It hasn’t hanged a whole lot since you last saw it. In October. Of 2007. *cough* When I called it the never ending project. Ahem. It occurs to me now that if I knit on it while I was doing checkouts, which I do almost four days per week, that I might actually end up, you know, umm, finishing it. Crazy, I know.

And what if I knit on it while I watched tv? Or, movies, since I don’t care much for tv? I bet I would get more movies watched, LOL. Speaking of which, I think I just figured out why I don’t like tv: I don’t have TIVO, so I have to watch tv on it’s terms and times, instead of my own schedule. Haha! I have an answer for that, too!

Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul)
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Dear Television,

Over the past several years, I have noticed myself withdrawing from you. You rigid adherence to a time schedule that does not suit my life with many kids, and your insipid commercials and your gratuitous sex and violence (remember those kids?) has just become more than I can deal with. However, I have missed the ability to interact with my friends when they discuss friendly mass murderers such as Dexter, and wild and crazy spankings such as seen on Weeds. And then there is my slight fixation with the young Adrian Paul, Scott Bakula and Jerry O’Connell, which you have tried to do away with in your search for the ever bigger lipped and skinnier hipped sub-stars of today.

Well, no more am I held captive by your despotic timetable. Today, I am free to watch what I want to watch, when I want to watch it, and you can’t stop me. I am so over you. Between Blockbuster Online and, I don’t care if I never see you again. And your little commercials, too!


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