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The TueReview: It Girl Knits

9780307396341So, when I got ready to review this book, my first thought was…what exactly is an It Girl? Can I be one? Do I know one? Do I know a someone who isn’t an It Girl, but could be? Well, according to the cover, the designs are for the young and fabulous. Hmm, well. I’m not old yet, and I like to think I’m fabulous, so let’s see what’s in here! Oh, one more thing. The It Girl, Phoenix Bess? The one who write the book? She’s 16, ya’ll. Sixteen. When I was 16, I was still writing bad poetry and being mooney. Just sayin’. And I certainly didn’t have anything nearly as cool as It Girl Knits up my teen-aged sleeve.

Now then, the patterns. There is actually cool stuff in here that I would make and wear! There’s a handkerchief hem skirt in bamboo, and a short jacket. I’d put these two pieces together with a stretchy, skinny tee-shirt in 2 beats. I’m thinking a bright solid skirt, a white tee, and a variegated jacket that would pick up the skirt color.

There are several bottom patterns in here, too: pants, capris, leggings and shorts, all customizable in length, and with short row bums. If you’ve seen one of my soakers or bought my pattern, you know I am all about the short row bum! Now I have to wonder if I still have the legs for knitted pants!

Seriously, I liked most of the patterns in this book, though I would not wear all of them. I’d wear several as written, and there are a few more I’d wear if I altered them just a bit to cover more skin. But that’s just age and wisdom talking; part of looking great at any age is knowing which parts of you it might be better to keep hidden. I’m pretty sure that any teen girl on your knitting list would like most anything out of this book, and ………….. hey, she just took my book! (j/k)

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