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Wednesday Beading Report 11/5/2008

Image by cassdarrow via Flickr

I suppose that this week’s report will be about the craft show, huh? I’ve mentioned that it did not go well, and that is an understatement. I sold two pieces, and Mama sold one. It was very disappointing, especially considering the fact that I stayed up after a lock-in to do the show. In fact, I fell asleep around 2, I was just so tired. I woke up when I heard Mama say “she was at a lock-in last night”. Hmm, come to think of it, maybe people didn’t buy from us because I looked drunk. Don’t believe me?

Now, I had intended to use the show for some branding, as I believe I had shared with you. But it was too cold to wear my logo t-shirt, at least until we began to be boiled alive, and I was not mentally spry enough to engage people and give them business cards. Which, by the way, is odd for me, because typically I am very gregarious in social situations. I use that to hide my basic insecurities, HA! The point is, I wanted people to have an outgoing, laughing, chatty person in their minds when they looked at my card, and instead, they have a memory of a sleepy zombie and no business card at all. That would be a branding fail. The good news is that if they ever see me again, they probably won’t realize it’s me, LOL!

Back to the show: We were not the only booth that suffered, most people had really slow days. The lady next to us was very encouraging, and gave us a lot of tips. She also assured us that this show was very light and not to take it as a potent of things to come. We did make enough to cover the booth rental, and the materials costs of what we sold, but if the next show isn’t any better, I am thinking etsy/flickr/sidebar/something.

Of course, I have been so busy since the show, what with trying to catch up on my sleep, that I haven’t had a chance to get Mama’s opinions at all.

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