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Never say Never, aka Don’t you Need Some Stitch Markers?

ok, so a week or two ago, I had decided that I was never going to let jewelry for sale slide across this front page again. In fact, I was planning to move everything not yarn related over to etsy, and just talk about the craft of beading in general. However, things change. Sometimes, they change pretty drastically, and so, tada– beaded things right on the front page. I’m needing to raise some funds, and by need to raise some funds, I mean now, today, yesterday would have been ever so much better, k thanks. So, I have made these stitch markers, and I would really appreciate it if you’d take a look. At least they are fiber related, right? I’m trying to keep the prices low, because I know times are tight all over, and I haven’t even checked to see what the going rate is on other sites. Christmas is coming, and maybe you have a knitter on your list. Or maybe you are involved in a holiday swap. Or, whatever. Maybe you want them for you. I’m ok with that.

You can click these pictures to embiggen. I’ll ship the markers first class in a padded envelope, and shipping is included in the price. If you try to buy something that is sold out, I have told paypal to send you back to the jewelry page. I’m just letting you know, because I hate getting redirected myself without knowing why. I’ll be editing the page myself as often as I can.



These markers are made with wire wrapped beads. They will fit up to a size 11 needles. They are $2 each, and I have 28 of them. Just type how many you’d like in the cart, and it will do the math for you.


These markers are made for crocheters. I believe in spreading the fun! The lobster claw closure on these allows you to attach them right to the yarn. A great option for keeping track of your rows! This set is $10 for the five markers.

More crochet markers, this time in purple. There are six in this set, and the price is $12.


This set of six stitch markers will fit up to a size 9 needle. I think these are so cute, but then again, you know I have that pink fetish thing going on, right? The set is $12.


I have eight of these wrapped bead makers that will fit up to a size 9 needle. They are $2 each.

These four markers will fit up to a size 13 needle. The flowers remind me of spring, and so I chose bright colored ebeads to accent the main bead. The set is $10.


This set of five markers will fit up to a 10.5 needle. The set is $12.50.

I just love the words on these markers: Dream, Hope, Peace, Believe and Love. Oh, I guess you can read that. But I did want to type it, so I did 😉 They will fit up to a size 9 needle, and the set is $12.

So, what if you don’t see just what you want? Well, I do plan to make more stitch markers, but I can also do a custom order for you. You can reserve your slot for $10. It may take me a day to get back to you, so please be patient. You can also email me your specifics by clicking the button under my picture in the sidebar OR, using the notes at paypal.

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