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Awesome Steak Burger Deal

I got a great deal tonight, and I want to share the goodness with you. The fact that I will get an egift card when people participate has very little with my pleasure in sharing my good fortune. Ok, maybe a little bit, but only a little, I promise.

First, go here. Set up an account. You don’t have to love the gecko, or even give him money, you just need the account. After you register, you will eventually get an email. It will have a link to a $25 gift certificate to Omaha Steaks. Go pick up that number, but be aware it can take up to several hours for the email to arrive.

Once you have that number, go to Omaha Steaks and enter your email address. In turn, they will give you 12 free burgers with any order. Click “Redeem here” under the picture of the burgers on that same page, and start shopping. I ordered 12 more four ounce burgers for 14.99. Then I applied my $25 gift certificate, and paid a whopping $3.98 by paypal, (shipping is crazy high, so use that gift certificate to cover it) and I will have 24 hamburgers on my door step next Wednesday.

Let me do the math real quick….. 24 burgers, $3.98, that’s less than 17 cents each, roughly four and a quarter cents per ounce. Go get yours before they wake up!

The TueReview: Mason Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

9780307236050yeah, I know. You’ve seen it before. What. Ev. Er. I just got my grubby mitts on it, and this is my blog, and today! The topic! Is Mason Dixon Knitting. Now, in truth, I saw this book briefly when it first came out, but I have forgotten most of it, except that I really wanted a copy. And now I have it. As usual, I’ll take you along with me as I leaf through the book for the (almost) first time. And I’ll keep Ravelry open in another tab, too, so I can add stuff to my queue.

Oh, the dishcloths. You know, that reminds me of how I knit dishcloths to take to my dear Sister in Law in Texas. My mama thought I was slap crazy when I announced my intention to deliver a basket of five dishcloths and a bottle of Dawn as a hostess gift for a week long stay. My mama ought to read Ann and Kay. My SIL, she was delighted. And I was glad, as it took me the entire drive to knit them. I only have one kntted dishcloth myself, and it’s in the repair bin. But I can see it’s time to get another cone of cotton.

And look at the little felted boxes! How cute are those? And those huge -squared log cabin blankets. Those would be the Moderne Log Cabin Blankets. Yes, with an E. I feel a sure and certain need to creat one of these before a certain young family member makes an appearance. Here in just a couple of weeks. *Gulp* Queued.

And the Nina Shawl! A shawl for me has been on my must be knit list for so long, it’s pitiful. Since I gave TheClone the one that hung on the back of my rocking chair, so it must be about 3 years, at least. Queued.

Ok, guess it’s time to go to Wal-mart for the dishcloth cotton to make myself some dishcloths. I’ll need to go to ACMoore to get something good enough for the baby blanket (dishcloth cotton would be way too heavy), and I’m thinking svale for the shawl. Too bad I am on a yarn fast, huh? The most I’ll be able to talk myself into is yarn for the Moderne Log Cabin for the new baby.

Ok, this was interesting

You know, the economy has apparently gone slap crazy. I wouldn’t much know from my personal circumstances, since I have been chronically broke for the past 5 years, and have never owned stock of any kind, but people tell me that the stock market has collapsed, and I can see for myself that gas prices are plummeting. Two weeks after my husband quit the job he could no longer afford to drive for. Sigh.

Today, though, I was reading an article on the web hosting blog and they quoted several web hosts as saying that business is as good or better than it was before the crash. People are turning to the internet to ramp up their incomes. I bet that surprises some folks, because not too many days ago on twitter I read some pretty major bloggers predicting the demise of the web 2.0. (As an aside, what is Web 2.0? I mean, I guess I have a long memory or something, but the internet, it is still a relatively new thing to me, being younger than my oldest kid, and I do not get the Web two point oh! thing.) So, I am left wondering if we have a new norm. Will the majority of Americans end up pushing content/ providing information/ merchandising from home? How long will it be before going to work is as foreign a concept as pre-internet life now is?

I posited when the market started falling that it was because we bought and sold that which does not actually exist. And I backed that up by asking “when was the last time you saw a true barter based economy fail?” You haven’t. The market flexes and adjusts when the value of the dollar is skewed by greed. Housing prices are dropping back to what they were before the last decade of boom. I saw on tv the other night that you can once again buy a three bedroom home in Florida for the $60,000 it’s worth instead of the $250,000 it cost last month. HA! I guess that’s where being chronically broke had paid off for me–I wasn’t able to buy anything when the market was crazy high, and therefore I don;t own anything that is suddenly worth a fraction of what I still owe on it.

Ahem. Excuse me. I think this post was supposed to be about web hosts. Yes, yes it was. I just scrolled up to see, LOL. You know why those guys aren’t suffering unduly either? Because, for the successful ones, what they offer is worth approximately what they charge for it. Web hosting: the last true value, or something. And if you want to know which companies that might be, visit web hosting geeks for the info. My hot tip? Pick one of the ones who said business was great!

Also, pass the needles. It’s time to knit me some beaded slippers. I need some for this winter while I sit here at home working.

When will it end?

Holy Cow! I am STILL sick. When will this crud end? It feels like I have been sick forever and three days already. Nonetheless, I cannot devote any more of my life to this whatever-it-is, and it’s time to bust a move. Not that I have been sitting on my laurels. Oh, no.

I have gone to Mama’s house everyday that she has been off or even gotten off early and I have beaded my wee bitty fingers to the bone. I have accumulated quite a bit of salable product, even though I haven’t listed any of it on the jewelry page. I had actually planned to open an etsy shop soon, but have decided to hold off until after the Craft Show, and see how that goes first. I think I said most of this last Friday, but I was kinda feverish then still.

Blackboard Lie Algebras
Image by ☃ via Flickr

Two of the schoolers started new Ambleside years today, and Country started Year 5, Term 3. Speaking of Country, she needs some help with an algebra assignment. Guess that means I am done here, at least for now.

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20% off at Michaels

Coupon alert! 20 percent off your entire non-sale purchase at Michaels on page 58 of the November issue of Wondertime.

Also, you must see this: poo-pourri. I just lack words to explain.

And yet I live

Sorta. My head is pounding and I talk like Sam Elliot, when I can talk at all, but I’m here. Today, I have grand plans: clear my desk and do a bit of writing, then go bead.

In fact, I have been beading for the past two days. Mama has been off work, so she has come and picked me up and I have rested and beaded at her house. And!

Yesterday, we had to go get some supplies (don’t even snicker, I am NEVER too sick to shop) and we found out about a craft show on November 1st. And we signed up. I am sooo excited. I just wish I could think enough to string the words together to convey my excitement. Anyway, now we are seriously beading in earnest to get ready, whereas before we were merely beading in earnest to get ready for a show on December 13. Yeah, BAM, kick it up notch.

So, I am not going to try to catch up the Tuesday book Review, the Wednesday Beading Report, Cass in the Kitchen or even the Online Craft Club. Right now, I am just going to plow as far through this pile on my desk as I can before I need a nap.

So. Sick.

I’ll be back as soon as I can think clearly. Or at all, for that matter.

I spy with my little eye

an outfit called Zenni Optical. And I am blogging about them to remind myself of them, because I am betting I need them sooner rather than later.

—BTW, let me stop right now, and ask you something: you are getting a copy of your prescription when you go to the eye doctor, right? Because it is YOUR prescription, not theirs, right? And you are entitled to buy your glasses anywhere you want to, not just there at the optometrist’s office. Unless you are my mama and pay 300 bucks for a pair of glasses because you have gone to the same eye doctor since Hector was a pup, and think it’s ok for him to overcharge you because of that long term relationship, but oh well, it’s her money, I guess. Oh wow. Major digression and big run on sentence there. Ok, back to Zenni.—

t 88 04My kids have eye appointments starting on the 30th. I;m pretty sure we’ll end up with at least one needing glasses, maybe 2. And insurance will graciously cover one pair per kid, but knowing my kids, that will not get them through the year, and I will be either replacing those (broken) glasses or letting them walk into the wall within a couple of months. Now, if I buy them at the eye doctors, they will be about 140 bucks. I know this because I bought mine there last time, and I chose a pair of kid frames and I have a very simple prescription, mostly to correct astigmatism. But I am not going to do that again.


Because I can get eyeglasses for around $8 at Zenni Optical, and while math may not be my strong suit, I do at least know that 140-8 is 132 bucks still in my pocket, and that’s a lot of yarn or beads. And maybe even some shoes.

And if the savings alone, doesn’t impress you, read what Clark Howard has to say.

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