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Ok, this was interesting

You know, the economy has apparently gone slap crazy. I wouldn’t much know from my personal circumstances, since I have been chronically broke for the past 5 years, and have never owned stock of any kind, but people tell me that the stock market has collapsed, and I can see for myself that gas prices are plummeting. Two weeks after my husband quit the job he could no longer afford to drive for. Sigh.

Today, though, I was reading an article on the web hosting blog and they quoted several web hosts as saying that business is as good or better than it was before the crash. People are turning to the internet to ramp up their incomes. I bet that surprises some folks, because not too many days ago on twitter I read some pretty major bloggers predicting the demise of the web 2.0. (As an aside, what is Web 2.0? I mean, I guess I have a long memory or something, but the internet, it is still a relatively new thing to me, being younger than my oldest kid, and I do not get the Web two point oh! thing.) So, I am left wondering if we have a new norm. Will the majority of Americans end up pushing content/ providing information/ merchandising from home? How long will it be before going to work is as foreign a concept as pre-internet life now is?

I posited when the market started falling that it was because we bought and sold that which does not actually exist. And I backed that up by asking “when was the last time you saw a true barter based economy fail?” You haven’t. The market flexes and adjusts when the value of the dollar is skewed by greed. Housing prices are dropping back to what they were before the last decade of boom. I saw on tv the other night that you can once again buy a three bedroom home in Florida for the $60,000 it’s worth instead of the $250,000 it cost last month. HA! I guess that’s where being chronically broke had paid off for me–I wasn’t able to buy anything when the market was crazy high, and therefore I don;t own anything that is suddenly worth a fraction of what I still owe on it.

Ahem. Excuse me. I think this post was supposed to be about web hosts. Yes, yes it was. I just scrolled up to see, LOL. You know why those guys aren’t suffering unduly either? Because, for the successful ones, what they offer is worth approximately what they charge for it. Web hosting: the last true value, or something. And if you want to know which companies that might be, visit web hosting geeks for the info. My hot tip? Pick one of the ones who said business was great!

Also, pass the needles. It’s time to knit me some beaded slippers. I need some for this winter while I sit here at home working.

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