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Productively Speaking

You know, this week, I have spent a lot of time beading (yeah, I hinted at that in the last post, and it is absolutely true). Now that means I haven’t been able to spend as much time blogging as I usually do, because I can’t do both. Well, not with my current set-up, but watch this:

And this:

How fantastic would it be to be able to blog and bead. Or blog and knit? Or blog and put on my makeup? Or blog and paint my nails? More to the point, what if I could create my Cass in the Kitchen post for the week while I was actually cooking? Or blog a knit pattern as I create it? Yeah, see? Now, I would need to buy a Blue Tooth noise cancellation microphone to use it, but I think the time savings would be so worth it! I could earn enough with the products I could make in the time I usually spend typing to cover the cost.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred Dragon Naturally Speaking can capture and transcribe up to 150 words per minute. Now, I took the typing test and I can only type about 58 words per minute. BTW, they need to work on Dragon’s typing speed test! . Or maybe I didn’t understand it, or maybe I just suck, because it never told me I was finished, and the timer kept going until I was down to a very discouraging 16 words a minute. But I won’t hold that against them, since DNS is a speech recognition program, not a typing program, LOL.

MacSpeech Dictate If your to-do list looks anything like mine, you should check it out. It could be like finding an extra couple of hours in your day! Oh, and if you are a Mac user, no worries. You’re covered, too:

So now, will you all quit blogging by typing all the time, and make something to share with the Online Craft Club? Please?!?

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