sticks, beads and strings
make wonderful, beautiful things

I spy with my little eye

an outfit called Zenni Optical. And I am blogging about them to remind myself of them, because I am betting I need them sooner rather than later.

—BTW, let me stop right now, and ask you something: you are getting a copy of your prescription when you go to the eye doctor, right? Because it is YOUR prescription, not theirs, right? And you are entitled to buy your glasses anywhere you want to, not just there at the optometrist’s office. Unless you are my mama and pay 300 bucks for a pair of glasses because you have gone to the same eye doctor since Hector was a pup, and think it’s ok for him to overcharge you because of that long term relationship, but oh well, it’s her money, I guess. Oh wow. Major digression and big run on sentence there. Ok, back to Zenni.—

t 88 04My kids have eye appointments starting on the 30th. I;m pretty sure we’ll end up with at least one needing glasses, maybe 2. And insurance will graciously cover one pair per kid, but knowing my kids, that will not get them through the year, and I will be either replacing those (broken) glasses or letting them walk into the wall within a couple of months. Now, if I buy them at the eye doctors, they will be about 140 bucks. I know this because I bought mine there last time, and I chose a pair of kid frames and I have a very simple prescription, mostly to correct astigmatism. But I am not going to do that again.


Because I can get eyeglasses for around $8 at Zenni Optical, and while math may not be my strong suit, I do at least know that 140-8 is 132 bucks still in my pocket, and that’s a lot of yarn or beads. And maybe even some shoes.

And if the savings alone, doesn’t impress you, read what Clark Howard has to say.

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