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Cass in the Kitchen: Ember Orlando

:kitchen: Well, once again this week, I am not going to tell you about something I cooked, but rather about something I ate that someone else cooked. Slacker! It’s not that I don’t cook anymore, but rather that we are so busy with sports right now that I am relying on quick and easy instead of “blog worthy” to feed us. However, when I was in Orlando, there was no sports practice, and there was Ember.

Marisa and I spent a lovely day at Universal with Colleen, Trevor, Andrew and John Chow. After Universal though, it was just me and her. Andrew and Trevor had both left Universal early, John had plans, and Colleen was on her way home. We attempted to go to a Cajun place recommended by Trevor but they were closed. By the way, on the weekend, there is one word for downtown Orlando, and that word is CLOSED. Behold:

IMG 0984

See, closed. All closed.

Except for Ember. Ember had opened on Friday night, so we got to be one of the first patrons, and we got plenty of individual attention, since the place was not hopping. After our, experience, though, I have no doubt it will be! We enjoyed the food and there was plenty of it. We each started with soup. I had the potato and cheese:

IMG 0989

Ohmyword good!

We shared appetizers, and I seriously wonder about the size of the entrees after sampling the appetizers. Look at this:

IMG 0990

Hummus and vegetables

IMG 0992

Buffalo chicken–there were EIGHT pieces of chicken there, people.

And the place is just lovely, inside and out.

IMG 0993

The outside bar

IMG 0995


And the music is good, too! We heard Kenny Chesney and Madonna and a whole bunch of others while we were there. You just don’t get much more eclectic that that, ykwim? About halfway through the meal, I looked at Marisa and said, “we have to tell Ted about this place, it would be great to have a party here during IZEAfest next year”, and then I got up to take pictures of the place. And doncha know, before I could get this post typed up, he and Tara had already found it? Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did, Ted!

Oh, one more thing, a gratuitous still life, because I want to be just like Alli when I grow up.

IMG 0986

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