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The TueReview: Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines

9780307381705Okay, you had to know this was coming, right? Surely I am at least that predictable after all this time, LOL! Today’s book is indeed the companion to last week’s book! I have to say from the get-go that Ann and Kay have done it again, ya’ll. Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines is as quirky and delightful as the original.

Once again, I had to pop open Rav as I leafed through the book. Have I mentioned that I love garter stitch? Like, maybe last week, when I reviewed the other book, did I say that? Because I do! It’s just so soft and squishy. And comforting. And easy. Just knit, knit, knit. Love it. But I also like stockinette, so uniform and smooth. Just a field of v’s marching away to become something beautifully useful. Love it! Sorry, please excuse that aside. Moving on now.

When you get your copy of this book, and I SINCERELY hope you will do so, I want you to flip immediately to page 55 and look at Jane Eyre The Margaret Sweater. Seriously, I know the draw is supposed to be the mystery words, but look at the flow of that sweater. It’s just so darn graceful. I want it!

And then just as I had almost decided to cut my knitting recipient list to one person (me), I flipped the page and saw “Covering the Small Human”. Sigh. Betrayed by cleverness and beauty! Because, how can I NOT make sk8r in each of my boy kids’ signature colors? And the Jane Austen Dress, which I promise I did not see until after I had dubbed the sweater above, how kah-yute is that? And that shrug! On my list. And Fern. Will I ever have enough time to knit that before my girls are too big for it?

And then there is he dishcloth cotton chapter, complete with a swiffer rag pattern. Oh my goodness! I am totally NOT knitting that, but, what kind of mind can come up with that?

For all that knitty goodness, I have to tell you that the most profound thing in this book, for me, was on page one. It’s involves the concept of “decorating yourself”. Ann says, in part, “She’s (Madame X) not tracking down her least-bad-fitting pair of blue pants the way I do. She’s operating under the same impulse that leads a person to hang stuff on a Christmas tree. It’s not profound, or important, or efficient. It’s fun. It’s pretty.” See? Even as she’s saying “it’s not profound”, she’s saying something profound. Thanks, Ann. I plan to spend less time dressing and more time decorating myself!

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