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Must discuss

Ardizzone's cover art for Stig of the DumpImage via Wikipedia Ok, I have a lot to talk about. I learned so much this weekend, as you can maybe tell if you are reading on site instead of in a feed. (Speaking of feed, if you have been looking for an rss button on here, I have one now, LOL!) . This year’s IZEAfest went way beyond being just for posties. If you are a blogger, and you want to be a better blogger, you should have been there. Seriously!

But right now, I need to do a brain dump, so I can remember what I need to talk about over the next several days. Otherwise, I will forget. And living with little people being what it is, you know it has to be dumped here instead of on paper, right?

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So you’re cassknits!

Not all of these will be separate posts, and I am not locked into an order, so feel free to let me know which ones you want to hear about first. In te meantime, poke around and enjoy the new plug-ins that I installed for comments, and be sure to let me know what you think of the little “freshen up” I did this morning.

Hi Honey!

I’m home. And I am so tired I can hardly hold my head up. Wanna see what I got up to while I was gone? Check this out. And this one is high on my list of favorites. I don’t know who took the shot, but I do know “IZEA” uploaded it to facebook, and Ted labelled it.

me and ted

Cass in the Kitchen: Clear Glass Jars

:kitchen: As you read this, I am most likely winging my way toward Orlando. I came very close to just NOT posting while I was gone, and then I remembered that there are folks who come here just to read the series posts, and that skipping both of them this week was probably NOT the best option. So: here I am on Tuesday, typing to you for Thursday, and today my topic is clear glass jars.

You know, as a mom, there is just a comforting feeling about walking into my kitchen and seeing food there. It’s a … good feeling, like warm cookies. And I think food is pretty to look at. So, now on my counters instead of regular canisters, I use these:

IMG 0960

I bought one as a cookie jar (currently empty), as you may recall, and then a month-ish ago, I decided I really wanted to use them as useful decor in my kitchen, and determined to by one now and again until I had enough. And then, the miracle of freecycle happened. A lady announced that she had several “glass food storage jars”. Emails ensued, and eventually my husband picked up her jars, and they are exactly like the one I had purchased and intended to buy more of. Let me take a minute to remind us all that God said He delights to give us the desires of our hearts. :)

Do you like your canisters? Are they clear or fancy? And what do you keep in yours? Will you show us?

Not a light packer.


IMG 0973

a different angle. Yes, three pairs of high heels.

IMG 0974

Also, lookie here what I found in the backpack I took to Vegas last year. Yep, that svale I searched for for months. Lamented over. Finally finished Sonnet with short sleeves without. Yeah.

IMG 0975
But did you notice in the piles? Sonnet and Skimmer are both making public debuts this weekend!

The Wednesday Beading Report

I’ve spent quite a bit of time between last Wednesday and today trying to decide how I want to go about stocking stuff in the store, and trying to balance my desire to share my craftiness with you, and the weird way I feel when I go on and on and on about how much I enjoyed making something, and how wonderful it is, and OH BY THE WAY, it’s for sale. So. I am going to continue to tell you about stuff, and probably in great detail. But not if it’s for sale. If it is for sale, I’ll just throw up a thumbnail at the end of the Wednesday post, no matter what it’s about, to let you know that I have added stuff to the jewelry page.

Accordingly, I made this necklace and bracelet set this week:

IMG 0964

I’m totally loving how it came out. I used part of a package of Blue Moon Natural Pink Mix beads (these packages are huge, and go a long, long way. You can see how far they go if you look at this picture and the thumbs you’ll eventually find below–HUGE). I also used a package of “frosting” glass chips in lavender (lavender??, they look pink to me! and again, they go a long way.) These are also made by Blue Moon. Finally, I used some seed beads, from Global Nomad, Brown Opalescent Rainbow, also made by….Blue Moon. Apparently, I like Blue Moon Beads, LOL!

I am having great fun mixing and matching the colors and textures of the beads, ya’ll. It’s so interesting to see how the pieces are so different even though they have so many common elements.

Ok, added to the store this week:
IMG 0972IMG 0971IMG 0970IMG 0969IMG 0967IMG 0966IMG 0965

Give me an hour or so to get that page polished up, ok?Excuse me. Restart that clock, I’ve had a wee photopress vomit experience.

Travel Knitting

It’s time to decide what to take on my trip. I am thinking socks and I think I will use the “parrot” in my knitting basket. Surely I can get a pair of footies knit in two flights and two days of conferencing, right? That leaves me with the dilemma of whether to cast on at the toe or the top.

I also want to get that BSJ finished before I go. Why is it that we as knitters can knit for hours, days, MONTHS sometimes on a project, and then put off 60 minutes worth of finishing? And the BSJ is little, it won’t even take 60 minutes!!

Let me see what else? Oh, the beading. Not only did Mama bring me another Celestial Blue set, but she also needed my help shopping for some other stuff, so we ended up back at the craft store here, and more beads came home with me. Pretty, pretty blues. And the Celestial Blue set is slightly different from the last one as well, so I can’t wait to see what’s really there in it, ykwim? They haven’t even made it to the stash page, and most likely won’t because I hope to finish making them up today. One pack is already finished up, but here are the other two:

IMG 0959

Love me some eye candy.

Gonna Have a Party!

So, yesterday was another youth meeting at church. I know I have been talking about beads and food so much ya’ll almost forgot I knit and have kids, but I do. HA! Anyway, the youth group is hosting a fall party for the whole church on October 31st, and then after we drive them all the younger kids and other adults out (muhahahahah), we are having a sleepover lock in (might as well quit kidding myself, there will be no sleep). We spent yesterday brainstorming our games and food and fundraising methods for that. (Not to fund the party, but to raise more money for our big trip.) We decided to do several cakewalks and charge a buck per walker per walk. Each youth member will bring a baked good to contribute to that.

We are also having a costume contest. I plan to go as Mary Poppins, naturally. Wal-Mart has the cutest little tweed skirt and jacket set that I can put with a pillbox hat to make that costume, Diva wants to be something that requires cutting up a pair of tights to wear on her arms, and I don’t know what else, and Country wants to be Rogue, so she’s begging for the leather jacket that is displayed near my “Mary suit”. Heh, I’ve wanted that suit since they put it on the rack. I visit it every time I go in there.

The little ones, though, that gets a bit trickier. They don’t have the plethora of wardrobe options that us bigger girls have, so I might end up at Halloween Costume Stores for the first time in a long time. They have plenty of Childrens Costumes, most of them cheaper than I could buy the fabric and sew them. And it’s way quicker, too, LOL. More time for knitting and beading and cooking, you see.

You know, it’s funny. When we stopped doing the traditional Halloween stuff, I figured my kids would get over the holiday. Instead, they look forward to it every year, and start talking about the fall festival months in advance. In fact, I had to stop Diva from cutting up her tights already last night. So, why don’t they just dress up through the rest of the year?

Prettiful Celestial Blue Beads

ok, remember I showed you some eye candy? I told you I would tell you more about it once I finished the set, and I have, so I will. This is part of a custom order I am working on.

IMG 0948 1

This was a fun set to make, especially since I was able to work on part of it with my mom. It’s just fun to craft beside someone who is also crafting, ykwim? Stitching, beading, whatever, it is more fun if you are sharing that passion with someone else.

I started with this:

IMG 0904

Left to right,
One packet of Darice “e” beads in royal blue
One tube of Blue Moon Beads seed beads in a royal blue
One tube of Darice “e” beads in a frosty blue
One packet of Blue Moon Beads “Celestial Blue”
One tube of Blue Moon Beads “e” beads in a clear gold

I still have plenty of the accessory beads left, and so I will be on the lookout for more blue/gold main beads Mama is at A.C.Moore right now, so she’s picking me up another set of the Celestial Blues.

And in knitting news, the BSJ is complete, except for seaming and adding buttons.

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