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Might be time to call Empire Today

I’m thinking my carpet’s time might be just about up, here. I was just vacuuming my bedroom and living room. Oh, shut up. Quit laughing. It happens. Rarely, I know, but it happens. It’s embarrassing enough without listening to you giggle. Can we move on now? Ahem.

Canister vacuum cleaner for home use.
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I was just…..stop…..vacuuming my floors. Now, I have reported before that my carpet looks a little worn on spots. I might even have mentioned the bald spots in it. But I don’t think I have told you that those bald patches seem to be growing, and that we may eventually be walking on just the carpet backing because the carpet will be gone. You know how some people check the brush each morning after they brush their hair? Well, I have a bagless vacuum, and and I check to see what’s in there when I dump it, and you know, lately, there has been an amazing amount of lint-y type fuzzy stuff. You know. The kind of fluff that might be made of *gulp* carpet fibers. I’d show you, but I just dumped it after I got through vacuuming, and now it’s in the nasty trash can, and some things just should not be seen, and among those things are my kitchen garbage.

Of course, I have mentioned before that I am ready to give up my carpet and my kitchen linoleum for hardwood flooring. I just love the look of it, and seriously, the idea of being able to clean my floors with a swiffer instead of lugging around a vacuum does have a wonderful appeal. Mine is light, yes, but not as light as a swiffer.

And have I mentioned the mud? You know that pile of koolaid created sludge there where the kitchen meets the living room? My kids like to stand there so they are technically “in the kitchen” but can still see the tv. Well, I am scared to clean it, because…….. what if the [tag]carpet[/tag] just dissolves? Ykwim? That could be bad. Really bad. Of course, maybe I should do it just to see, because if that did happen, then I could have a good excuse to just rip the whole mess up, LOL!

Sweet Baby Feet
Image by Just Taken Pics via Flickr

Heh. Maybe they can give me a good quote on the kitchen, living room AND the small bathroom. The floor in there has just a touch of water damage. Then I could write one of those Empire Today Bath Stories, only way funnier than the ones they have now. Because life is just easier if you can keep on laughing, right? Especially if your carpet has bald spots created by many happy little feet.

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Merlin Mann has potty mouth

Merlin Mann
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There, I said the worst thing first. I mean, I try to roll with the punches, and I have been known to let fly an expletive or two, but I rarely get told “don’t be a dick”, and it has certainly never happened repeatedly. Before I had even finished my first cup of coffee. But I will say this: after I got past the language he was using, I took more notes on Merlin’s keynote address than I took on any other session at IEAfest. He was phenomenol!

I had read on his blog just before i was left that he planned to change his focus over at 43 Folders, and so I was very curious which side of the change his presentation would most represent. He came down squarely on the new side, which is about getting your very best work out there. Every day, he said, you should write. You should write about your passion, and explain it to just one person whom you respect. And don’t be a dick stinker. And get better.

He also recommended a couple of books thatI do plan to get and read: On Writing by Stephen King and The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharpe. And ya’ll, the man is hilarious. In spite of the potty moth. He’s just funny.

As for the rest of Saturday, it was informative, and I learned several things about design, and some great plugins, many of which I have already started using. And then there was this:


I cleaned up as best I could in the sink after the hunt. the shirt I was wearing was a complete loss, and I am still waiting for a replacement to arrive. Hard to believe that I was able to get back to some semblance of normality with just water, and paper towels, isn’t?


I can’t believe how different I look in this picture with Marisa and Christine.

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Bead Buyer’s Bonanza

Yes, I knew you were all wondering how long it would take me to start with the beads again. FTR, I’ve been back home since 7pm Monday night, so roughly 93 hours. I did bead on Wednesday night at Mama’s, but I didn’t finish the piece, so there was no need to chatter about it. Though I could have. It’s the multi-stranded blue kit that you can see on the stash page, and I really like the way it is turning out. Oops, I just chattered, didn’t I? Sorry.

Anyway, this post isn’t about what I made Wednesday. This post is about the site I visited today, Beads of Cambay. There are some truly awesome beads on this site. They have gorgeous one-of-a-kinds, but they also carry a boatload of freshwater pearls, which you can shop for by color or shape. I enjoyed reading about them before I started drooling on the keyboard. Oh, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that I drooled, huh? Sigh. I am always getting into trouble for stuff like that. But, really. When the subject is wholesale gemstone beads, what do you expect me to do? Close my eyes and not look? At 30% off?? That’s not happening in this lifetime as long as I have the gift of sight!

Nor should it happen to you, so let me help you out a little bit:

And that’s just part of the top row of the first page of pearls, ya’ll. What are you still here for? Go check it out! Then come on back with coffee, because you know I will be here. Typing my little fingers to the nubs.

Online Craft Club #43

As you know (I hope) I was n Florida last Friday and I missed OCC. But I did do some knitting. In fact, I have a sock almost finished. Ordinarily, that would be cause for jumping up and down. Except for one problem. A small problem, as it were. See, I thought a tighter knit sock might be a good thing, and so I grabbed size 1 needles instead of size 2 when I packed my conference knitting. And I cast on my standard 56 stitches. You already see where this is going, don’t you?

Yeah, well, I thought it looked neat and tidy, but knitting is stretchy, and it was 56 stitches. And I had faith right up until Ashley asked me if that was my sock, and said it looked awfully small. And I assured it was mine and would fit perfectly and I attempted to put it on. Guess what? Yeah. Knitting is stretchy, but not that stretchy. SomeKid will be getting my these lovely parrot socks.

IMG 1010

And what have you made lately?

Take a picture of your current project, whatever that happens to be. Or maybe one you recently finished. Or the materials for the one you are about to start. Let’s say materials for a project in whatever state it happens to be in at the time you snap it. On Friday, post the picture and tell us about your project. What you did, or what you are going to do. How much you are enjoying it, or hating it. You know–show and tell.

Just copy & paste the code below the graphic and get crafty with me!

Be sure to come back and leave a comment so we know where to find you!

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Check out this video!

Ok, I do have lots more Orlando stuff to talk about, and I also need to rave some more about Marisa and my now amazing hair and the t-shirt I ordered today, and I want to talk about a few other things to, SO! There’s just no way I can do all that in one post, or even two. Go get coffee, LOL!

What I want to talk about this very minute is diapers. And contests. And videos. And my amazing hair. Wait, that’s later. Sorry.

Have you ever felt like this “dad”?

Yeah, I know it’s a little out there, and I’ve never had a kid quite this “good”, I do still chuckle when I remember my first born son peeing in his own face when he was a couple of days old. I also laugh at dh when I recall that he has been peed on by all three of our boys, but none of them ever peed on me. So there. Anyway, the point of the video is to let you know about a contest where the prize is free diapers and wipes. If you will visit the Huggies contest, you will have the chance to tell your own funny diaper story and win coupons for free diapers. I like free, so I figured you might, too. And about that coffee? Don’t be trying to drink it while you read the entries. Just sayin’

And then it was Friday

Folks, there will be no Cass in the Kitchen segment this week as I continue the brain dump I began on Tuesday. It was Tuesday, right? Yes. Tuesday. Okay, first things first, for those of you who think this blog is still about [tag]knitting[/tag]. When I went to last year’s conference, I was working on [tag]Sonnet[/tag]. This year, I wore it. WOOHOO, for the successful debut of personal [tag]hand knits[/tag]. Cha-cha-cha.

2850292531 ec4d746900

We just love it, don’t we? And now on to the conference!

Image of ShoeMoney from Twitter
Image of ShoeMoney

The keynote speaker for Friday was Jeremy Shoemaker aka Shoemoney. Now, if you know me, it will come as no surprise to find out that being in e same general area as “famous people” is a bit intimidating. I always expect them to be …haughty somehow. [tag]Shoemoney[/tag] is so not like that. He shared pretty openly with us where he started from, and it was a very inspiring story. His main points were to get a good work ethic, and to make some progress everyday toward your goals. No fear and no excuses, do what others are not willing to do—find a needed service and then provide it. He also said “screw google” a lot, and I really liked that part.

Next up was [tag]Susan Gardener[/tag], talking about content. She inspired us to think in terms of content goals, and what we want to produce as far as post topics and frequency. She talked a bit about concept blogs as well.

Then there were panels on [tag]Big Money Bloggers[/tag], [tag]Driving Traffic[/tag] (and oh yeah, there is a controversy brewing there. Go ahead and pop “Lena West mommy blogger” into your search engine of choice), and what advertisers are interested in.

Friday night 1in teds hat And then there was a party. You knew there would be a party, right? K. Click to embiggen, and don’t mind the weird face, I got caught with my mouth full. As usual. That’s a pimpin’ hat, isn’t it? Ted walked in wearing it, and put it on my head. I think I like it, how about you?

Oh yeah, one more thing. Over the course of the weekend, I heard several different people say ‘Oh, so you’re CassKnits!?! That is so gratifying! Truly, to meet people who know me because of my blog is just … amazing to me. Really amazing. And next year, I’ll be wearing t-shirts with my logo emblazoned across the chest![tags]IZEAfest[/tags]

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On Private Parts and Parties of the First Part

I totally should have known that those of you who would answer would be interested in the [tag]boobs[/tag] and the [tag]penis cream[/tag]. Not that I think my friends are perverted or anything. But anyway. *cough* Let’s talk about last [tag]Thursday[/tag]!

Here’s a little photo collage:

thursday night collage

Yeah, I know there are repeats on there. That’s what happens when you have to scrape pictures of yourself off flickr. FTR, I took the one of the three of us in the mirror (did you guess that since the camera is in front of my face?) [tag]Christine[/tag] of took the one of me dancing, and [tag]Drew[/tag] of took one or two as well. (Thanks guys for sharing!)

So, anyway, Thursday. Got up at the butt crack of dawn to catch my plane, and arrived in [tag]Orlando [/tag]around 11am. Marisa was due in shortly, and so I went to her gate to meet her. (That kinda felt funny, because it has been SEVEN YEARS since I was able to meet someone at their gate, because of the added security.) [tag]Marisa[/tag] is so charming and so much fun, and as a bonus, we can look each other right in the eye. She is in the black and white shirt in the collage above. Can you see her hair? I was gushing over it within 2 minutes of laying eyes on her. Seriously, it looks like one of those poodle perms from back in the day, but it is all natural, and so soft! And so smooth! And so healthy looking! Truly amazing from one curl gurl to another. And so I asked her what in the world she used on it. And her brown eyes started sparkling and dancing, and she said “Organic Rooooot StimuLATOR Lock and Twist Gel”, and I giggled a bit, and said, “that sounds like something I get emails about”, and thus the penis cream joke was born. And let me tell you, I used some of that stuff while we were freshening up for the party, and that penis cream of Marisa’s is some awesome, awesome stuff. I have FOR-EVER had trouble with back-o-da-head frizz, and this stuff curled me right up, as you can see. Love it. I’ll be going to Sally’s forthwith to get some penis cream of my own. 😀

Oh, yeah. Also represented in the mirror is Colleen of You know, I was intimidated to meet her last year, and was delighted to find that she is just as open and helpful as anything. It was great seeing her again this year, and I took great delight in letting everyone know that I was sleeping with [tag]Colleen[/tag]. HA! She did not use the penis cream, as she wears her do straight. But she did admire it’s effects, LOL!

Ok, so, then you see some pictures of a party. And boy, was it a party. That Ted Murphy, he does know how to lay it on. The drink was free flowing, the buffet was good, and I had to stay standing up so I wouldn’t just sit there and eat. It was great to see Pete and Scott (in the dancing pic) and Trevor again, and to meet Veronique and chat with her for a bit. Later in the weekend, I got to meet [tag]Scott[/tag]’s wife Rachael and [tag]Pete[/tag]’s NEW wife Meagan, and also Ted’s lady Tara. That was fun for me to get to see another facet of their IRL selves, ykwim? And about that dancing? It was the only [tag]dancing[/tag] I did all weekend, unless you count the 15 seconds on the chair Saturday night. Sigh. And to think I packed three pairs of [tag]high heels[/tag] just so I could dance! But he dipped me, and I’d never done that before, LOL!

Also pictured above is Deb, who I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with, and also Heather from beautiful BC, whose blog I cannot find 😐

Oh, I almost forgot the boob thing. I had stapled a business card to my dress for a name tag, and someone who may wish not to be named asked me why I was trying to make people read my boobs. And that is the Thursday night report.

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Some Important Stuff

Ok, I know I teased you all this morning with tawdry keywords and promises of more to come, and I will deliver. You know I always deliver, but I need to get serious for just a minute or two first. While I was off having a blast and getting covered in shaving cream and chocolate, there were men and women sucking it up in the desert and getting shot at. And I know there are arguments on both sides about why they are over there, and whether or not they should be and how long they should stay and, and, and. AND. And that’s all beside the point. The point is they are there, and they are going to be there for a bit yet, and they probably would like to be home, and that’s just probably not going to happen very soon, and almost definitely not before Christmas.

Adoration of the Magi by Don Lorenzo Monaco (1...Image via Wikipedia That’s why I am so pleased to tell you how YOU can do something to help make sure our soldiers know we are thinking about them. You can support a business that is donating a card for every service member overseas: one hundred and eighty thousand cards. That’s a hefty donation. They are giving the cards to Soldiers’ Angel’s for distribution, and if you aren’t familiar with Soldiers’ Angel’s, their motto is “May no soldier go unloved”. That’s a great sentiment, no matter what your political leanings, right?

Wanna know what you can do to help? Use for Business Christmas cards or for your personal ones. You need them anyway, and this way, you can do something for those who are doing something for you. It’s a pretty fair trade, don’t you think?

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