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Online Craft Club #43

As you know (I hope) I was n Florida last Friday and I missed OCC. But I did do some knitting. In fact, I have a sock almost finished. Ordinarily, that would be cause for jumping up and down. Except for one problem. A small problem, as it were. See, I thought a tighter knit sock might be a good thing, and so I grabbed size 1 needles instead of size 2 when I packed my conference knitting. And I cast on my standard 56 stitches. You already see where this is going, don’t you?

Yeah, well, I thought it looked neat and tidy, but knitting is stretchy, and it was 56 stitches. And I had faith right up until Ashley asked me if that was my sock, and said it looked awfully small. And I assured it was mine and would fit perfectly and I attempted to put it on. Guess what? Yeah. Knitting is stretchy, but not that stretchy. SomeKid will be getting my these lovely parrot socks.

IMG 1010

And what have you made lately?

Take a picture of your current project, whatever that happens to be. Or maybe one you recently finished. Or the materials for the one you are about to start. Let’s say materials for a project in whatever state it happens to be in at the time you snap it. On Friday, post the picture and tell us about your project. What you did, or what you are going to do. How much you are enjoying it, or hating it. You know–show and tell.

Just copy & paste the code below the graphic and get crafty with me!

Be sure to come back and leave a comment so we know where to find you!

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