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Must discuss

Ardizzone's cover art for Stig of the DumpImage via Wikipedia Ok, I have a lot to talk about. I learned so much this weekend, as you can maybe tell if you are reading on site instead of in a feed. (Speaking of feed, if you have been looking for an rss button on here, I have one now, LOL!) . This year’s IZEAfest went way beyond being just for posties. If you are a blogger, and you want to be a better blogger, you should have been there. Seriously!

But right now, I need to do a brain dump, so I can remember what I need to talk about over the next several days. Otherwise, I will forget. And living with little people being what it is, you know it has to be dumped here instead of on paper, right?

too little
penis cream
read my boobs
thursday night
John Chow
Merlin Mann
Loren Feldman
Jeremy Shoemaker
Susan Gardener
Social Networking
Friday night
Saturday Night
How petty
So you’re cassknits!

Not all of these will be separate posts, and I am not locked into an order, so feel free to let me know which ones you want to hear about first. In te meantime, poke around and enjoy the new plug-ins that I installed for comments, and be sure to let me know what you think of the little “freshen up” I did this morning.

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