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On Private Parts and Parties of the First Part

I totally should have known that those of you who would answer would be interested in the [tag]boobs[/tag] and the [tag]penis cream[/tag]. Not that I think my friends are perverted or anything. But anyway. *cough* Let’s talk about last [tag]Thursday[/tag]!

Here’s a little photo collage:

thursday night collage

Yeah, I know there are repeats on there. That’s what happens when you have to scrape pictures of yourself off flickr. FTR, I took the one of the three of us in the mirror (did you guess that since the camera is in front of my face?) [tag]Christine[/tag] of took the one of me dancing, and [tag]Drew[/tag] of took one or two as well. (Thanks guys for sharing!)

So, anyway, Thursday. Got up at the butt crack of dawn to catch my plane, and arrived in [tag]Orlando [/tag]around 11am. Marisa was due in shortly, and so I went to her gate to meet her. (That kinda felt funny, because it has been SEVEN YEARS since I was able to meet someone at their gate, because of the added security.) [tag]Marisa[/tag] is so charming and so much fun, and as a bonus, we can look each other right in the eye. She is in the black and white shirt in the collage above. Can you see her hair? I was gushing over it within 2 minutes of laying eyes on her. Seriously, it looks like one of those poodle perms from back in the day, but it is all natural, and so soft! And so smooth! And so healthy looking! Truly amazing from one curl gurl to another. And so I asked her what in the world she used on it. And her brown eyes started sparkling and dancing, and she said “Organic Rooooot StimuLATOR Lock and Twist Gel”, and I giggled a bit, and said, “that sounds like something I get emails about”, and thus the penis cream joke was born. And let me tell you, I used some of that stuff while we were freshening up for the party, and that penis cream of Marisa’s is some awesome, awesome stuff. I have FOR-EVER had trouble with back-o-da-head frizz, and this stuff curled me right up, as you can see. Love it. I’ll be going to Sally’s forthwith to get some penis cream of my own. 😀

Oh, yeah. Also represented in the mirror is Colleen of You know, I was intimidated to meet her last year, and was delighted to find that she is just as open and helpful as anything. It was great seeing her again this year, and I took great delight in letting everyone know that I was sleeping with [tag]Colleen[/tag]. HA! She did not use the penis cream, as she wears her do straight. But she did admire it’s effects, LOL!

Ok, so, then you see some pictures of a party. And boy, was it a party. That Ted Murphy, he does know how to lay it on. The drink was free flowing, the buffet was good, and I had to stay standing up so I wouldn’t just sit there and eat. It was great to see Pete and Scott (in the dancing pic) and Trevor again, and to meet Veronique and chat with her for a bit. Later in the weekend, I got to meet [tag]Scott[/tag]’s wife Rachael and [tag]Pete[/tag]’s NEW wife Meagan, and also Ted’s lady Tara. That was fun for me to get to see another facet of their IRL selves, ykwim? And about that dancing? It was the only [tag]dancing[/tag] I did all weekend, unless you count the 15 seconds on the chair Saturday night. Sigh. And to think I packed three pairs of [tag]high heels[/tag] just so I could dance! But he dipped me, and I’d never done that before, LOL!

Also pictured above is Deb, who I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with, and also Heather from beautiful BC, whose blog I cannot find 😐

Oh, I almost forgot the boob thing. I had stapled a business card to my dress for a name tag, and someone who may wish not to be named asked me why I was trying to make people read my boobs. And that is the Thursday night report.

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