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Might be Kinkade for Christmas, or a leg lamp

Most years at Christmas time, I put together a Christmas puzzle with the kids. We glue it together and frame it and use it in succeeding years as part of our decorations. Well, beginning a few years ago. Except we didn’t get it finished last year, and I forgot the year before that. Okay, maybe I need to rephrase: I am trying to start a Christmas puzzle tradition with my kids, with greater or lesser success, depending on the stressors involved in the particular Christmas season. So. Anyway. Moving on.

I also have a thing for Thomas Kinkade, and I realize I am the only woman in America who enjoys his artwork (HAHAHAHA), but today I was looking for puzzles on Thomas Kinkade Christmas and I found this:
pdtl 47190

It’s like a puzzle club, thing, where they send a new puzzle every month or so. The puzzles are 250 pieces, which is great for doing with even the younger kids. I only wish they were all available at the introductory price, ykwim?

overlayThis one on the left, however, is available for just 15.00 bucks, and that is do-able. I’ve never seen A Christmas Story, so it would be fin to watch it and then put the puzzle together, don’t you think? Although, with my luck, someone in this house would be wanting a leg lamp before it was over. And I’m with holding names on that one to protect all the guilty parties.

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