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The Wednesday Stocking: Pink Jewelry Set

Well, Ang. says she doesn’t wear jewelry. And Mama says my vision was different from her’s and so she bought another set of pink beads to make up for herself. That means these pieces that I showed you yesterday are for sale.

Here is a view of how the necklace looks on my back. It goes too low to show on my front, LOL! Do not laugh at my moles, or my freckles or my lily white skin. Or my sunburnt neck, It is forbidden!

You can click these pictures to make them big, and then click again to make them huge, so you can see a very detailed view. The necklace is 24 inches long, triple stranded and the price is $24 for it. The bracelet is 8 inches double-stranded, and the price is $7. The set can be purchased for $30, and I can make matching dangle ear rings if you’d like for an additional $7. Shipping is an additional dollar for each piece, and I will refund the difference if the actual shipping is less than the cart calculates by more than $1. I will use USPS first class shipping, with a padded envelope.

Buy the Necklace:

Buy the Bracelet:

Buy the Set:

Add Ear Rings:

Feel free to ask me any questions, and I’ll leave you will a little glimpse of what I am working on later tonight:

It’s going to become a custom set, and I will be listing some custom jewelry slots after I get this order filled.

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