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Cass in the Kitchen: Clear Glass Jars

:kitchen: As you read this, I am most likely winging my way toward Orlando. I came very close to just NOT posting while I was gone, and then I remembered that there are folks who come here just to read the series posts, and that skipping both of them this week was probably NOT the best option. So: here I am on Tuesday, typing to you for Thursday, and today my topic is clear glass jars.

You know, as a mom, there is just a comforting feeling about walking into my kitchen and seeing food there. It’s a … good feeling, like warm cookies. And I think food is pretty to look at. So, now on my counters instead of regular canisters, I use these:

IMG 0960

I bought one as a cookie jar (currently empty), as you may recall, and then a month-ish ago, I decided I really wanted to use them as useful decor in my kitchen, and determined to by one now and again until I had enough. And then, the miracle of freecycle happened. A lady announced that she had several “glass food storage jars”. Emails ensued, and eventually my husband picked up her jars, and they are exactly like the one I had purchased and intended to buy more of. Let me take a minute to remind us all that God said He delights to give us the desires of our hearts. :)

Do you like your canisters? Are they clear or fancy? And what do you keep in yours? Will you show us?

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