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Travel Knitting

It’s time to decide what to take on my trip. I am thinking socks and I think I will use the “parrot” in my knitting basket. Surely I can get a pair of footies knit in two flights and two days of conferencing, right? That leaves me with the dilemma of whether to cast on at the toe or the top.

I also want to get that BSJ finished before I go. Why is it that we as knitters can knit for hours, days, MONTHS sometimes on a project, and then put off 60 minutes worth of finishing? And the BSJ is little, it won’t even take 60 minutes!!

Let me see what else? Oh, the beading. Not only did Mama bring me another Celestial Blue set, but she also needed my help shopping for some other stuff, so we ended up back at the craft store here, and more beads came home with me. Pretty, pretty blues. And the Celestial Blue set is slightly different from the last one as well, so I can’t wait to see what’s really there in it, ykwim? They haven’t even made it to the stash page, and most likely won’t because I hope to finish making them up today. One pack is already finished up, but here are the other two:

IMG 0959

Love me some eye candy.

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