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Repeated note to self:

Always, always, always keep a simple project going, one that requires no counting or thought. Always, always, always keep it close at hand. Yes, I am repeating this, because I tend to forget it, and then when I do have a simple project close at hand, I rocket through it, and I am amazed at how much gets done as I sit here and talk to my children about their school work. Seriously! It’s a lot of stitching time, at least 2.5 hours a day, often more. I don’t think I’d get any more done on vacation, because I would be distracted by the going and the seeing and the doing. Not that I would turn down a free Seville Hotels Destinia vakay or anything. Cheap hotel bookings are a thrill whether I get to stitch or not! Just sayin’

Fantasy vacations aside, I really think there will be an FO to show you on Friday. And even if it’s not an FO, I might show it to you anyway, because I can. I also have a book to tell you about!

And now a question. Is it acceptable to put Crisco on my son’s face? I only ask because that football helpmet is so hard to get on and off! maybe I will let the other son lick it off, since he’s supposed to gain 10 pounds by Saturday. Hahaha. Hahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahah. *continue hysterical laughter*

HEY! HEY! We could do a lipo-transfer! Muhahahahahaha *continue evil laughter*

Baby Shopping

digimarc.msSo, two of my internet friends are expecting, and one is likely to give birth a pretty much any minute. Back in the day when I was half of HSY, I tended toward soakers and prefolds for baby shower gifts and I may still go that route after I check to make sure my friends plan to use cloth dipes. You know any chance to dye wool is a good thing, right? I’m ready to jump in again, but have not yet had a convenient excuse. If they aren’t though, I’ll need to either send paypal (not as much fun) or shop (much cooler for me).

So, in spite of the fact that I put a potty chair on this post, as if I had already made up my mind what to get, I haven’t. That was more like wishful thinking on my part, because DaBaby, she is totally uninterested in the potty, and I am totally interested in her being interested in it, and guess who is winning and it isn’t me. Well, now. It’s all about me, isn’t it? No?

Fine: I haven’t shopped for a baby shower in a goodish while, so what’s all the rage these days? I mean, I know what I would want, and I mentioned that up above. But, they aren’t me. Is it still ok to give a gift for the mom? Those were sorta my favorites, LOL. Oh wait. Right. Not about me. Sorry.

Almost forgot!

And this is a biggie. A seriously biggie. And I deriously, finished the last post, and got up and went to put on the face in the jar by the door, and remembered that I FOUND A CRAFT STORE FIVE MINUTES FROM HOME. Seriously. I told you it was a biggie!

Now, she doesn’t have much yarn, but she can order it. But she has beading stuff (oh the beading stuff!!) and she has scrapbook stuff (oh the scrapbook stuff!!) and she has fat quarters (oh the fat quarters!!) and she has balsam wood models for my boys (oh the models!!) AND she has classes five nights a week and the biggest part–she is open until nine p.m. people! NINE PIP EMMA AT NIGHT!

I carefully and meticulously avoided dropping a boatload of money last night when I found her, mostly by the expedient of not having it to drop, but…. I shall return.

A Blanket for Belle, maybe Forever

That’s what I am working on right now. Of course, ya’ll don’t know it as that. You know it as the log cabin scrap blanket. It was in that pile of stuff I have to use up there in front of the bench chest, and once I found out my bff’s dog needed a blankie, well, there ya go. Yes, I have dogs. No they don’t need blankets. They live outside, unlike spoiled Belle, the throw-away boy-cum-girl-dog. Plus, it will allow me to cross off 14 balls of acrylic yarn :) Always an ulterior motive here at Chez Knits.

Speaking of the bench chest…. do you remember it?
IMG 0610 1

Yes, ok. I have decided that in the event that Earth was destroyed and I had to leave with just one treasured possession, it would be that chest. I’d put my Bible in there and yarn and needles. And it would be sock yarn. Because that chest is huge, and there is no way I could use it up full of sock yarn. And no matter where you end up, you always need socks. Even when fighting off the space creatures. I guess that would be my contribution to Operation Immortality, since I am a Tabula Rasa failure. LOL!

Social-spark-315x235Operation Immortality: Leave your mark. Save Humanity. is the website set up to gather ideas about humanity’s greatest achievements, and messages from regular folks. In October, Richard Garriott will travel to the International Space Station and put this archive, along with some DNA, there. Mr Garriott is the man behind the Tabula Rasa game, and the 6th private citizen to go to space.

And man an I behind the times! The last I remember they were just talking about letting private citizens travel to space! Anyway. If you think you have what it takes, then go play the game, and register for a chance to have your DNA sent to space. I’m telling you–that knitting gene MUST be preserved. You know I am right!

Sponsored by Operation Immortality

And yet more fun!

I told you I missed my kids, right? Well, when practice was called of yesterday, I opened up another new game! When I went to NMB last month, I visited the bead store, which I told you about. While I was there, I saw they were selling magnetic hematite. I wondered to myself what in the world a person could use magnetic hematite for. I mean, I just couldn’t think of much to do with it besides drape them around your wrist or neck, and if you have ever handled hematite, then you know it is pretty heavy.

Well, when I opened Jishaku, I suddenly realized the possibilities inherent in magnetic hematite. I played first with Batman:

IMG 0795
Notice DaBaby trying to horn in on the fun.

The game proceeded pretty slowly and methodically, and perhaps a little ho-hum, until this happened:
IMG 0796
(Notice Batman laughing like a loon. At me.)

Ohoh. That was interesting. Suddenly, it got about ten times more fun. We played about five games in rapid succession, with lots of good giggling time. And then the other boys came in.

IMG 0798
(Notice the handsome dh in the background.)

You know, it’s just as fun with 4 players as with 2. Except we were a little bit mean. We just told them the object of the game was to get rid of your stones. We didn’t tell them what to expect. And so we won, nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

I can foresee the whole family having fun with this game, but not until I go back to NMB and get some more stones. Like most games, there just aren’t enough pieces for all the folks who want to play. That’s ok. The stones are pretty cheap 😉


If you noticed the other day when I reported on my trip, I showed this picture of the kids playing a game:

I didn’t say much more about it at the time, because I wanted to ask them about it, which I did this morning. Drama, Batman, Spidey and Stuntman declared the game “awesome”, and only Country, whose job was to work the remote found the game less than thrilling. And guess what?? Drama won! How often do you find a game where the youngest player wins? Of course the rest of the crew insists she had help, but seriously, how can you “help” someone play bingo, when the dvd does all the calling?

Disney Bingo comes with the DVD that features a short how-to-play segment, and calls the numbers. You can play several different patterns on the 6 reversible cards. It’s for ages 4 and up, and each letter is populated by a Disney character. There are movie clips on the dvd, too!

You guys know, because I told you, how busy I have been the past couple of weeks. I didn’t mind the work so much as I missed my children. If you don’t think you can miss people you live with, let me assure you that you can. We have a lot of fun hanging out and playing games together. Before football practice started, I was spending the time after dinner and before bedtime playing games with them. It was a pleasant way to end the day, beating the pants off them at “I Spy Snap” and “Phase 10″ just having a little fun together. ScreenLife Games’ Disney Bingo allows even more of us to play together at once, and around here, the more the merrier. I only wish there were 4 more cards so all of us could play at once.

You can get the game at or, and I recommend it without reservation. Here’s a little video about it:

Sponsored by Screenlife Games

Online Craft Club #39

Okay, I have finished nothing crafty. Sorry. Don’t act surprised, I told you I was hip deep in a different project. But! We can go through my knitting basket and see what’s in there. Ready? K, here we go.

Here is the Baby Surprise Jacket. I’m on row 60-something, and I anticipate finishing it this coming week. It will go straight into the gratitude knitting box.

IMG 0799

Here is the Wallaby for Stuntman. I stalled out on it when I started the BSJ. But I really wanted to use up that yarn that I refused to count. So I did.

IMG 0800

And here is a ball of sock yarn. Notice there are no socks attached to it. I threw it in the basket before we headed up to see my family last weekend, but then, I only knit for five minutes while were there, so the BSJ was plenty.

IMG 0801

Next week, I hope to have something finished to show you.

Take a picture of your current project, whatever that happens to be. Or maybe one you recently finished. Or the materials for the one you are about to start. Let’s say materials for a project in whatever state it happens to be in at the time you snap it. On Friday, post the picture and tell us about your project. What you did, or what you are going to do. How much you are enjoying it, or hating it. You know–show and tell.

Just copy & paste the code below the graphic and get crafty with me!

Be sure to come back and leave a comment so we know where to find you!

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Cass in the Kitchen: CA Wine Club

:kitchen: ok, I feel so bad about chintzing you on the previous CitK post, that I will give you two this week. But because I am disgusted by the price of food today, we will speak instead of wine. The price of which has not risen 25% in the past month. Let us not go there again. *Deep Breath* Wine. Wine makes me mellow, let us speak of it now.

I have shared that I am beginning to experiment with different wines, and I believe I mentioned that my cousin and I went to a couple of local wineries a couple weeks ago. He has a membership at one we did not visit, and he joined one of the ones he went to that day. But I know he has to go pick up his wine from these wineries, and I do not always make time to go do stuff like that, so I am not sure that’s a good option for me, and besides, he only gets wine once per quarter, and umm, ya’ll, that is just not acceptable.

Cwc-logo-artisan-smallSo, because of all that, I perked up and paid attention when I saw that the CA Wine Club is offering the first month of their club for free. All you pay is shipping. Each month, they feature a different winery, and you can get 2, 3, or 4 bottles of wine.\ plus a magazine that tells you about the wineries they came from. Oh, I guess you want to know more about the free part. Here ya go: free wine.

So, since California had movies, and now we have movies here, and we have wine and they have wine, do you reckon it would be traitorous for me to order wine from California? Kinda Benedict Cass-ish? And more importantly, will they teach me what wine to serve with what food?

Sponsored by CA Wine Club

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